We can match you up with an expert with deep model-building expertise and knowledge of Frontline Systems' products -- either from our own staff, or from a select group of external consultants.  This is often the most cost-effective way to get results from data mining and predictive analytics, mathematical optimization, simulation and risk analysis, or a combination of these methods.

Dr. Sima Maleki

Sima is likely to be your first point of contact from our own technical staff when you ask about consulting services.  Part of her role is to understand your problem and determine who among our consultants is the best match for your requirements.  Sima has a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Operations Research) from the University of Tennessee.  She has experience with a wide range of software tools including Frontline Solver products, statistical software such as SAS and SPSS, simulation software such as ARENA and ProModel, and optimization software such as GAMS and CPLEX.  Sima has built models for applications such as network design, supply chain simulation and optimization, facility location, 3D layout optimization, scheduling, and "lean healthcare" resource utilization.

Dr. Yong Li

Yong has a PhD in Management Science from the University of Alberta, Canada, where her dissertation research was in the field of workforce scheduling.  She has more than seven years experience in optimization and simulation modeling research and practice, and has taught several university courses in simulation modeling.  Yong has done work for the Canadian National Health Service and energy firm Headwaters Inc.  At Frontline Systems, Dr. Li has worked with a wide range of clients, in fields as diverse as financial services, energy, and electronics, using both our Solvers for Excel and our Solver SDK products, with repeat engagements from a number of clients.

Dr. Scott Nestler

Scott has a PhD in Business and Management with a concentration in Management Science from the University of Maryland, and an MS in Applied Mathematics / Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School.  A former faculty member at the Naval Postgraduate School and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Scott has 20+ years of experience in military decision making, operations research, management science, and risk analysis.  Scott is one of the first individuals to be awarded the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) designation by INFORMS, the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science.

Dr. Alan Kosansky

Alan is co-founder and President of Profit Point Inc. He has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from The Johns Hopkins University.  Alan is a leading authority on supply chain optimization, having pioneered the application of advanced analytic techniques to supply chain management, transportation procurement, and dynamic scheduling.  He combines deep insight into optimization technology with over 18 years experience working with a diverse group of clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small startups. Alan’s ability to quickly identify and implement useable solutions for his clients is a major contributor to the number of repeat engagements Profit Point enjoys.

Dr. Huybert Groenendaal

Huybert is a managing partner of EpiX Analytics LLC. He has a PhD in Risk Analysis from Wageningen University in The Netherlands and an MBA in Finance from Wharton.  He has provided decision-support using a wide variety of analytical approaches (simulation, optimization, decision-trees, etc.) in industries ranging from oil and gas and manufacturing to food & beverages and health. Huybert has extensive experience in risk modeling and analysis for business development, financial valuation, R&D portfolios and portfolio evaluations in pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Dr. Francisco Zagmutt

Francisco is a managing partner of EpiX Analytics LLC. He has a Masters from UC Davis, a PhD in epidemiological modeling from Colorado State University, and is also an honorary lecturer at the University of London. Francisco has performed and supervised simulation, optimization, risk modeling, and decision-analysis projects in a wide variety of industries on every continent. Examples of his consulting work include strategic forecasting and optimization of inventory under high uncertainty, modeling of catastrophic events, and strategic staffing optimization. His experience working with a diverse clientele allows him and his team to use cutting edge methods to customize solutions to the specific client’s needs while also being able to effectively communicate the applicability of the work with senior management.