This example illustrates how to export your data to Microsoft's Power BI. Microsoft's POWER BI, for use with Office 365, is a cloud-based service that works with Excel to help you visualize your data using various charts and reports. Analytic Solver Data Mining features the ability to export your data set directly into Power BI.  Note: This feature is currently only supported in Analytic Solver Desktop.

On the Data Mining ribbon, from the Applying Your Model tab, select Help - Examples to open Income.xlsx. This dataset includes summarized personal income information from 25 states spanning the years 1929-1999.

On the Data Mining ribbon, from the Data Analysis tab, select a cell within the data set, and select Explore - Chart Wizard to open the Chart Wizard dialog.

Chart Wizard 

Select Export to PowerBI, then click Next to open the dialog.

If you have not yet logged on to Power BI in the current instance of Excel, you will be asked to log in.  Enter your credentials and then click Sign in. 

After you have successfully logged in, you will be asked to either update an existing dataset or create a new one.  In this example, we will create a new dataset in Power BI named Income Test 2. 

 Click OK. Once the upload is complete, you will receive the following message.

Export Succeeded! 

Logon to Power BI ( or open Power BI Desktop.  Click Datasets in Power BI Online or Power BI datasets in Power BI Desktop.


Select Income Test 2, then click Create. 

In the screenshot below, a line chart displays the data in an easy to read and understand format.  The components of the graph were chosen from Fields on the left and the bar type was selected under Visualizations, also to the right of the graph.    


Use the "thumbtack" icon to pin this graph to the Dashboard. 

Now, each time the dataset is updated, the results may be uploaded to your Power BI dashboard.  Click back to Excel and change a few values in the dataset.   Click Explore – Chart Wizard and upload the dataset a 2nd time by selecting Export to Power BI.  Note:  We are not asked to log in to the Power BI site a second time since we are using the same instance of Excel but we are asked if we would like to update an existing dataset.  Select the existing Income dataset, then click OK. 

 Each time the data set is updated, the results may be uploaded to your Power BI dashboard. Click back to Power BI in your browser and refresh, the chart will update automatically to reflect the change to the dataset.