These days, nearly everyone in business has heard about “big data”.  It’s one of the hottest topics in high tech, and many companies are spending big money on “big data solutions”.  But is it for you?

You’ll learn here that “big data” is more than a buzz-word – it’s a very real...

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As businesses begin adopting Big Data and predictive analytics in their current workflows, there are tools available that make the process easier for analysts without much experience in data science.


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It may seem like a boast, but the facts back it up: Every single industry can benefit from modern analytics.

While some companies have moved quickly to...

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For many people, talk of big data and data visualization can be overwhelming, but Apache Spark is hoping to change all that. This post from eWeek has all the details on how their open source data processing engine will help users make sense of complicated data analysis with an easy to use platform... Read More