The example below illustrates the use of Analytic Solver Data Mining's chart wizard in drawing a Variable plot using the Boston_Housing.xlsx data set. On the Data Mining ribbon, from the Applying Your Model tab, select Help - Examples to open Universal Bank Main.xlsx. Select a cell within the data set, and on the Data Mining ribbon, from the Data Analysis tab, select Explore - Chart Wizard to open the Chart Wizard dialog.

Select Variable, and click Next to open the Chart Wizard - Variable Selection dialog.


All variables are selected by default. Click Finish to draw the chart. The distributions of each variable are shown in bar chart form. To remove a variable from the matrix, uncheck the desired variable under Filters. To add a variable to the matrix, select the desired variable under Filters.  Immediately, it's possible to determine which variables are continuous, as displayed in histogram form, and which variables are categorical, as displayed in bar chart form.  

Please see the section Common Chart Options (below) for a complete description of each icon on the chart title bar.

Common Options ToolBar 

To exit the graph, click the red X in the upper right-hand corner of the Chart Wizard window.

Save Chart Window 

To save the chart for later viewing, click Save. To delete the chart, click Discard. To cancel the save and return to the chart, click Cancel. For this example, type Variables for the chart name, then click Save. To reopen the chart, on the Data Mining ribbon, from the Data Analysis tab, select Explore - Existing Charts - Variables.

Using Analytic Solver Cloud to Create a Variable Plot

Click Help – Example Models – Forecasting / Data Mining Models in Analytic Solver Cloud to open the Universal Bank Main dataset.  Then click Explore – Chart Wizard and select Variable.

  • Click the down arrow next to Filter to add or subtract variables to or from the chart.