Data Mining and Forecasting with the Ease of Excel

Predictive Analytics Support for the Excel-literate Business Analyst and the Pro Developer

Point-and-Click Forecasting, Data Mining and Text Mining

  • Explore and Visualize using multiple linked bar and line charts, histograms and scatterplots, with one-click changes to axes, panels, zooming, brushing and more.
  • Easily find trends and create forecasts for your time series data with exponential smoothing and ARIMA models with seasonality.
  • Use and compare multiple linear regression and logistic regression, and data mining methods like CaRT, k-nearest neighbors and neural networks.
  • Analyze free-form text, converting it to structured form that can be used with all the other data mining and machine learning methods.

Proven in Use: over 25 years in over 9,000 organizations, including more than half of the companies in the world with $1 billion + revenue.


Easily Move Trained Models from Excel to Web and Server-Based Applications

  • Apply Models in Excel formulas during worksheet calculations - including dynamic time series simulations. Score new data in SQL databases from inside Excel.
  • Export Models in PMML (industry-standard Predictive Modeling Markup Language), readable by a wide range of other software, and usable for real-time "scoring".
  • Developers can use high-level objects to "do it all in code" with XLMiner SDK, writing in C++, C#, Java, R or Python.

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