Use Genetic Algorithms for Optimization in Excel

Just learning about Genetic Algorithms? Click here for our tutorial.

Optimization Software Support from the Excel-literate Business Analyst to the Pro Developer

Solve the Hardest (Non-Smooth, Non-Convex) Optimization Models

  • Excel Solver users: Solve models faster, find globally optimal solutions with our hybrid Evolutionary Solver - 100% compatible upgrade from the developers of Excel Solver.
  • Use "best of breed" methods including genetic algorithms, tabu and scatter search, pattern search, local search, and even linear and nonlinear optimization -- automatically.
  • Easily move models from Excel desktop to Excel for the Web, to Tableau and Power BI dashboards, or your own server, web, or mobile applications.

Proven in Use over 25 years in over 9,000 organizations, including more than half of the companies in the world with $1 billion + revenue.


Easily Deploy Models with RASON® High-Level Modeling Language

  • Platform-independent RASON (RESTful Analytic Solver® Object Notation) contains the entire Excel formula language, but is embedded in JSON, understood by developers, radically simple to use in web and mobile applications.
  • Deploy models without rework: Analytic Solver in Excel can translate Excel optimization models to RASON. Business analysts and developers can both "speak and understand" RASON, and work together easily.
  • Developers can "do it all in code" with a compatible object library, spanning Excel VBA, C++, C#, VB.Net, Java, R, Python, MATLAB and JavaScript. RASON models easily inter-operate with this object library!

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