The Leader in Spreadsheet Analytics

Frontline Systems is the worldwide leader in spreadsheet Solvers -- advanced software used for optimization and simulation of business and engineering models in Excel. Over 7,500 organizations, including many government units and Global 2000 companies, use its Excel-based solvers and SDK products to help them make better resource allocation, risk management, and business planning decisions.  In 2011 Frontline entered the market for predictive analytics and data mining software with its acquisition of the highly-regarded XLMiner package.

Over 1 billion copies of Frontline's Solvers for optimization have been distributed to users, in every copy of Microsoft Office sold since 1990, and Frontline's Excel Solver upgrade products, sold directly to advanced users, are by far the market leaders in their field. In 2010 Frontline won the INFORMS Impact Prize for this work.  Frontline Solvers are also the clear #1 choice in MBA programs around the world.

Analytics Technology Leadership

With a long history of "firsts" in analytic software, Frontline is widely regarded as a technology leader. Frontline was among the first to apply genetic and evolutionary algorithms to spreadsheet models, and to use GPUs in evolutionary algorithms, first to deliver algebraic "convexity testing" for analytic models, and first to deliver commercial software using robust optimization, as well as classical stochastic programming and simulation optimization methods. The company is also a technology leader in data and text mining, risk modeling, and global optimization.

Powerful SDK Tools for Developers

Frontline Systems offers powerful Solver SDK tools to allow developers to rapidly prototype and deploy models outside Excel on desktops, servers, or in the cloud. SDK users can easily define models in their choice of object-oriented programming languages; define models in Excel and use them to solve problems on servers without Excel; or define models in Frontline's new RASON™ modeling language -- using any of four built-in solvers or eight plug-in Solver Engines that integrate the world's best optimizers from other vendors.

RASON™ Modeling and REST API

Frontline's newest offering makes it easy for web and mobile developers to use and solve analytic models in their applications.  RASON -- RESTful Analytic Solver™ Object Notation -- is a high-level modeling language for optimization, simulation and (soon) data mining, embedded in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).  RASON models can be solved via simple REST API calls to a powerful cloud-based server that developers can use on a monthly subscription basis.  For server- and desktop-based applications, RASON models can be solved using Frontline's Solver SDK.

Technical Support Services

Frontline's technical support and consulting assistance, handling thousands of support tickets per month with an average 12-hour response time and 90% user satisfaction rating, is highly regarded in the industry. With our help, Excel users and programmers around the world have built highly successful applications of optimization, often in record time. We're proud of our track record of helping our customers -- most of whom have no formal training in operations research or management science -- to achieve cost savings and profit improvements of millions of dollars.

The #1 Choice Among MBA Programs Worldwide

Frontline Solvers are also the clear #1 choice in MBA programs around the world, used by over 400,000 students, featured in over 35 textbooks, and the exclusive software used in several market-leading textbooks. With Analytic Solver Platform for Education, professors have one integrated tool they can use to teach data mining and predictive analytics, optimization, simulation, and decision analysis, saving classroom time and enhancing the student learning experience.  Frontline Systems also offers its full commercial solvers at significant discounts and comprehensive support for both professors and their university's IT departments.