Analytic Solver - Our All-in-One Solution

Start with a free trial of Analytic Solver Basic, both Excel and Cloud. Get access to every feature for Optimization, Simulation, and Data Mining. Then keep access to every feature, while you upgrade - and pay for - greater size and speed only in the areas you need.

Contains all 3 components:

  • Analytic Solver -
  • Analytic Solver -
  • Analytic Solver -

Analytic Solver -

Analytic Solver Simulation gives you easy to use, powerful Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis, decision trees, and simulation optimization using Frontline’s advanced Evolutionary Solver. With 50 probability distributons plus compound distributions, automatic distribution fitting, rank-order and copula-based correlation, 50 statistics, risk measures and Six Sigma functions, multiple parameterized simulations and more, it’s loaded with power - and it’s much faster than other tools for Excel!


Analytic Solver -

Analytic Solver Optimization - 100% upward compatible from the Excel Solver - handles every type and size of conventional optimization problem (without uncertainty). Unlike other optimization software, it algebraically analyzes your model structure and maximally exploits multiple cores in your PC. You can solve nonlinear models 10 times larger, and linear models 40 times larger than the Excel Solver, get solutions much faster – and plug in Solver Engines to handle up to millions of variables!


Analytic Solver -

Analytic Solver Data Mining - gives you easy to use, comprehensive data mining, text mining and predictive analytics in Excel. You can sample data from SQL databases, Power Pivot and Apache Spark, explore your data visually, clean and transform data, and create, evaluate and apply a full range of time series forecasting and data mining models -- from multiple regression and logistic regression to classification and regression trees, neural networks, and association rules. Its speed will amaze you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Premium Solver, Risk Solver and XLMiner?

They're all here, with new, simpler names! Read our blog post about changes/improvements in our V2017 product line.

What if I only need specific parts of Analytic Solver?

No problem! Our free trial, called Analytic Solver Basic, includes every feature, gives you full solutions for small models (including all our examples), and lets you see how your largest models will run but without full solution results, Then you can upgrade - and pay for - only the part you need. When you do, you keep access to every feature for small models and learning purposes!

Are there different trials on the Optimization, Simulation, and Data Mining pages?

No, our free trial is always Analytic Solver Basic - no matter where you start your trial, you'll have access to everything!

Does the free trial work with the cloud version? Do I need access to Excel Online?

Yes - your free trial includes access to Analytic Solver cloud version, with all the same features as the Excel version! Simply login at with the same email and password you use here. You don't need access to Excel Online - is self-contained, and will load and save Excel workbooks containing optimization, simulation, and data mining models.

I'm a student, with no budget - can I use this free trial in my university course?

If you are a student taking a university course lasting more than 15 days, you are in the wrong place - our free trial will expire before your first exam! Click here for Analytic Solver for Education, and ask your instructor for a Course Code.

I'm a working professional not a student - can I use this to learn new analytics skills?

You are in the right place! After your free trial using Analytic Solver Basic, you can choose a paid, but very low cost subscription that lets you keep using every feature - optimization, simulation and data mining (with size limits) for as long as you like!

I'm not sure if I can do this 'advanced analytics'. What kind of support do you offer?

You are definitely in the right place! We specialize in helping business analysts with only Excel skills learn how to build and solve optimization, simulation, and data mining models, and do 'advanced analytics' on their own! Click here for more about in-product Help, Guided Mode and Wizards, instant Live Chat with tech support, free webinars, self-guided and instructor-led courses.

I really want someone to 'do it for me'. Can you help with that?

Yes - if you are a manager with a problem and a budget, Click here for professional consultants familiar with our software tools.

Need more technical details?

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