Frontline Systems is hiring!  We have openings for these positions, at our offices in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, and in Reno, Nevada.  Click the links for detailed job descriptions.  For recently filled positions, you can still apply for consideration, for future openings.  To apply for one of these positions, please send your resume to  Learn more about our company.

Customer Support Representative (Open)

In this position at leading software vendor Frontline Systems, you can develop skills in either customer service or technical support. Working by phone, email, our web Help Desk, and Live Chat, you will be dealing primarily with (i) professors teaching university courses in advanced analytics, where Frontline Systems software is used as a key learning tool, and (ii) with undergraduate and graduate students taking those courses.

Technical Support Analyst (Filled)

Help customers, via phone, email, Live Chat, and our online Help Desk, build their models and use our software. You’ll need experience creating optimization and simulation models, Windows and Excel skills, excellent communication skills in English, patience, and empathy with users who are learning.

Sales Development Representative (1 of 2 Filled)

In this position, you can develop skills in B2B (business-to-business) software sales to large companies, by working for a leading vendor of software tools for “advanced analytics” (a very hot area): data mining, text mining, simulation and risk analysis, and mathematical optimization. You’ll contact "new leads" by phone and email, qualify their interest, and make appointments for the most-qualified prospects with our Director of Sales.

Software Engineers - Data Mining Algorithms (Reno, NV) (Open)

Join our team to research, improve and implement the latest data mining algorithms from the literature, in our software products. You’ll need a PhD (or a Master's plus 4 years experience) in Operations Research, Management Science, or Industrial/Systems Engineering -- Click above for other requirements.

Director of Education (Temporarily Filled)

(This position has been temporarily filled by a university professor on a short-term sabbatical. We are likely to re-open the position in the next six months.) Create educational materials for our software products, including video tutorials, example models, Website and Help pages, and syllabus materials for online and in-person training courses. Act as a content creator, and as an editor to recruit and work with outside content authors.