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Make better decisions with optimization, upward compatible from Excel Solver

Premium Solver Pro is a powerful, 100% compatible Excel Solver upgrade for conventional optimization that can solve problems up to 10 times the size,  2 times to 50 times faster.

  • Easily model your problem in Excel and find the best solution
  • Identify and understand the trade-offs in alternative solutions
  • Your existing Excel Solver models will work as is
  • A great starting point for people new to optimization
  • Easily upgrade to Premium Solver Platform for more power

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Powerful Optimization Capabilities at a Great Price

Excel Solver compatibleUse existing Solver models and VBA macros as-is, but solve faster -- just open your workbook and solve.
Solve larger modelsHandle linear problems with up to 2,000 decision variables, 10X the limits of the basic Excel Solver, and other problems up to 500 variables, 2.5X the limits of the basic Solver.
Build better modelsGuided Mode helps you better understand your model, refine it for better answers in less time, and find and correct any errors.  When you're up to speed, Auto-Help Mode gives you expert help only when you encounter an error.
Get answers in less timeFind solutions between 2X and 50X faster (depending on your model type) with more advanced Solver engines and optimization algorithms.
Easy to use interfaceUse either a dialog-based interface that matches the basic Excel Solver, or our Ribbon and Task Pane interface with quick access to advanced features and help.
Helpful example modelsOver 60 example models show you step by step how to create a basic Solver model, build more complex models, and use advanced features.
Remove guessworkDefine your model and Premium Solver Pro will determine its type and automatically choose the best available Solver engine to solve it.
Easy upgradesWe developed the solver in Excel -- you get a 100% compatible upgrade now, and the ability to upgrade further to Solver products handling up to millions of decision variables, all the way to full-power predictive and prescriptive analytics.
Watch how easy it is to use your existing solver modelsWatch how easy it is to build an optimization model in ExcelWatch how easy it is explore decision tradeoffs in Excel

2-Minute Video Demos

Add Decision VariablesAdd ConstraintsAdd Max/Min ObjectivePlot Obj/Constraints
Diagnose Your ModelSelect Solver EngineSolve ManuallySolve with Guided Mode
Create Answer ReportCreate Sensitivity ReportCreate Limits Report 



Capture Uncertainty in Your Models to Make Even Better Decisions

Conventional optimization is a great decision making tool. But you can go further to take into account uncertainty, by seamlessly combining Risk Solver Pro with Premium Solver Pro. Together, they'll search through thousands of possible decisions and, for each one, through thousands of possible outcomes to identify the best decision.  And this combo can be upgraded further, whenever you want, to Risk Solver Platform, for even greater stochastic optimization power.

Risk Solver Pro Plus Premium Solver Pro
Easily add simulationAdding simulation to an optimization model is easy and you'll be amazed by the additional insights and decision making confidence you'll get as a result.
Better answersOur Evolutionary Solver for simulation optimization models gets you the best answers by intelligently analyzing your model, and automatically choosing from a range of built-in, advanced solving methods -- more than any other product.
The speed you needRisk Solver Pro's simulation speed advantage is even greater when solving inherently more complex simulation optimization models.
Single interfaceBoth products share a single integrated interface so you can easily and quickly build simulation optimization models, with variables and constraints just like the Excel Solver.
More for lessFor less than competitors charge just for simulation optimization, you'll also get all the advanced Monte Carlo simulation features standard with Risk Solver Pro.

Compare our Solvers for Excel

We have a range of Solver products to meet your needs. Below are several comparison charts to help you choose. We're happy to assist with any questions, to help make sure you find the right product for your unique needs.

Summary comparison chart of our excel solversSee features and benefits listSee a comparison of the built-in solver engines

We’re Here To Help You

Whichever product you buy, we offer a full range of support internally and through external partners to help you succeed. Whether you are looking for pre-sales support on your problem and our product line, Technical Support on using our tools, or personalized Consulting Services, we are here to help you. We offer a full range of online support resources you can access anytime.

Support Live ChatOnly Frontline Solvers offer quick access to Tech Support via Live Chat from inside Excel -- automatically passing error information to our support reps.
Guided Mode SupportIn Guided and Auto-Help Mode, if the error message and full-text explanation isn't enough, just click the button to connect live to Tech Support.
Access quickstart, user, and reference manualsAccess online tutorials and examples

Very Cost Effective Pricing

Depending on the problem and size of the business, cost savings and profit improvements of up to a million dollars or more are not uncommon. Even much smaller applications can result in significant benefits.

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To try out Premium Solver Pro, simply download our Frontline Solvers free 15-day trial Setup program. When you run Setup, choose Premium Solver Pro as your Initial Product Choice. During your trial, you can switch to another product at any time, or see what it's like to combine Risk Solver Pro with Premium Solver Pro. On the Premium Solver Pro Ribbon Menu in Excel, select Help > Change Product.

Just enter your name and email address, and optionally your company and phone, pick the closest "User Type," and click the Register for Download button.  You can download immediately after registering, or return later anytime -- just login with your email address.

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