Risk Solver Pro

Understand and manage risk with the easiest, fastest and most powerful Excel tool

Risk Solver Pro offers lightning fast Monte Carlo simulation and powerful Decision Tree capabilities all in one easy to use product.

  • Understand the range of potential outcomes in a given situation
  • Identify drivers of that range of outcomes and your resulting risk
  • Explore options to mitigate your risk
  • Visually share key insights to better manage risk and make decisions
  • Make complex decision choices visually clear using decision trees
  • Do it all right from inside Excel
  • Easily upgrade to Risk Solver Platform for more power

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Industry Leading Monte Carlo Simulation and Risk Analysis

Over 20+ years of our own R&D and working directly with Microsoft, most recently implementing the new, more-accurate probability distribution functions built-in to Excel 2010 and Excel 2011, has enabled us to bring you a proven accurate Monte Carlo simulation tool which is much faster than competing alternatives.

And our expertise in predictive analytics brings you multi-chart data visualization and even data mining of your simulation results -- not available in any competitive product.

The fastest simulations At up to 100x faster than competing alternatives, you'll spend less time watching your simulation run, and more time analyzing results.
Seamless integration All functions work as native Excel functions, so if you know even a little about Excel you'll be up and running in no time.
Complete set of features Over 50 distributions and over 30 statistics are included, as well as the ability to fit distributions and automatically update them.
Insightful charts From instant preview charts of distributions and fully customizable charts of inputs and outputs, to customizable multi-chart windows with full data visualization features, to charts that automatically cover multiple parameterized simulations, Risk Solver Pro gives you greater insights.
Helpful example models Over 30 example models show you step by step how to create a basic model through using advanced features and sensitivity analysis.
Easy to use An intuitive Ribbon and Task Pane, a unique step by step Distribution Wizard, and in-product Help set you up for success.
Easy upgrades Easily upgrade to our Platform products for stochastic and robust optimization in Excel, all the way to full-power predictive and prescriptive analytics.
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Powerful Decision Tree capabilities

Decision Trees help you visually lay out complex decisions to not only make choices clear, but also help you understand which choices you should make and the risk associated with each.

Easily build trees Build single and multi-stage decision trees simply by filling in fields, and modify them right in Excel.
Add uncertainty Easily add probability distributions and run simulations, to see the true range of potential outcomes for each decision alternative.
Full sensitivity analysis See how your optimal decisions change as you vary the chances and payoffs across multiple outcomes.
Insightful charts & reports See and share insights quickly with instant preview charts, sensitivity tables, and a full range of customizable charts.
Helpful example models Over a dozen example models show you everything from building a basic tree to adding uncertainty to advanced sensitivity analysis.
Easy to use An intuitive Ribbon and Task Pane, automatic best path highlighting, and in-product Help set you up for success.

Easily Move from Analyzing Risk to Managing Risk

Move from analyzing risk to making the best decisions in light of that risk, by seamlessly combining Risk Solver Pro with Premium Solver Pro. Together, they'll search through thousands of possible decisions and, for each one, through thousands of possible outcomes to identify the best decision.  And this combo can be upgraded further, whenever you want, to Risk Solver Platform.

Risk Solver Pro Plus Premium Solver Pro

Easily add optimization Adding optimization to a simulation model is easy and you'll be amazed by the additional insights you get.
Better answers Our Evolutionary Solver for simulation optimization models gets you the best answers by intelligently analyzing your model, and automatically choosing from a range of built-in, advanced solving methods -- more than any other product.
The speed you need Risk Solver Pro's speed advantage is even greater when solving inherently more complex simulation optimization models.
Single interface Both products share a single integrated interface so you can easily and quickly build simulation optimization models, with variables and constraints just like the Excel Solver.
More for less For less than competitors charge just for simulation optimization, you'll also get all the advanced conventional optimization features in Premium Solver Pro.
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Whether you need simulation, decision analysis or simulation optimization, Risk Solver Pro delivers the insight and answers you need with the ease and speed you want.

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We have a range of Solver products to meet your needs. Below are several comparison charts to help you choose. We're happy to assist with any questions, to help make sure you find the right product for your unique needs.

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Whichever product you buy, we offer a full range of support internally and through external partners to help you succeed. Whether you are looking for pre-sales support on your problem and our product line, Technical Support on using our tools, or personalized Consulting Services, we are here to help you. We offer a full range of online support resources you can access anytime.

Support Live Chat Only Frontline Solvers offer quick access to Tech Support via Live Chat from inside Excel -- automatically passing error information to our support reps.
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Very Cost Effective Pricing

Depending on the problem and size of the business, cost savings and profit improvements of up to a million dollars or more are not uncommon. Even much smaller applications can result in significant benefits.

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