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Monte Carlo Simulation Tutorial

Tutorial Overview
This tutorial will introduce you to Monte Carlo Simulation and how it can help your business. Learn what you need to know to use Monte Carlo Simulations, and how to get started.


Excel-Based Monte Carlo Examples

Example Overview
A business planning example looks at the Uncertain Variables involved when introducing a new product to market. After identifying the variables, a risk analysis model is built to help plan for the first year of production and sales. 


Learn More about Risk Solver for Excel

Risk Solver Overview
Industry leading Monte Carlo Simulation and Risk Analysis with over 20 years of our own R&D. Risk Solver Pro and Risk Solver Platform are over 100x faster than competing alternatives, and have seamless integration with Microsoft Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. 

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Monte Carlo Simulation Software Product Overview

Risk Solver Pro

The fastest Monte Carlo simulation in Excel, with the ablitiy to handle multiple simulations. Risk Solver Pro offers 50 distributions and over 30 statistics and risk measures built-in, and a distribution Wizard to help you select the right probability distribution, fit custom distributions from data, and create/use sharable standard DISTs. Risk Solver Pro also supports easy-to-use decision trees with rollback values and sensitivity analysis and support for simulation with probability distributions in the tree. >>Learn More

Risk Solver Platform

Risk Solver Platform can do everything Risk Solver Pro can do and more, including conventional optimizations and simulation optimization with stochastic optimization. Solve linear, non-linear, mixed integer, and non-smooth problems using Risk Solver Pro with problem sizes of up to 8,000 variables and up to 8,000 constraints. Also accepts optional Solver Engine plug-ins to extend functionality and allow for unlimited variables and unlimited constraints. >>Learn More

Analytic Solver Platform

Adds the power of data mining to Risk Solver Platform and creates the complete solution for both predictive and prescriptive analytics in Excel. Explore, visualize, prepare, and partition your data for analysis while using a full range of data mining methods for classification and prediction. With powerful data visualization, forecasting tools and industry-leading optimization capabilities, combined with sophisticated data mining tools, Analytic Solver Platform is an incredibly powerful analytic tool that is easy to use. >>Learn More

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