Add Monte Carlo Simulation and Data Mining to Excel


Start Your Journey from Business Analyst Pro to Analytics Ninja: Learn with Analytic Solver Basic in Excel and You'll get access to every feature of the Analytic Solver suite for Optimization, Simulation and Data Mining, with size limits suitable for learning. Use both desktop and cloud. When you're ready, upgrade (and pay for) greater size and speed, only in the area(s) you need -- keep access to everything else, with learning size limits.

This license is for use while taking one of Frontline's online courses at Solver.Academy. If you have a paid one-year license for Analytic Solver Basic or any of its upgrade products, you need not purchase this product to take a course.

You can use everything in the software, subject only to modest size limits on models and data (sufficient for all the included examples): time series forecasting, clustering and principal components, feature selection, text mining, and a range of methods from multiple regression to classification and regression trees and neural networks for data mining; linear and mixed-integer programming, nonlinear optimization, our Evolutionary Solver for optimization; high-speed Monte Carlo simulation, risk analysis, distribution fitting, correlation, and decision trees; stochastic programming and robust optimization of models with uncertainty.

What's Included.  Analytic Solver® Basic comes with a full set of documentation (User Guide, Reference Guide, and QuickStart Guide), 30 example datasets and 90 example models, and extensive online Help.

Technical Support.  Technical Support for this product is limited to downloading, installing, licensing, and getting started; modeling support is not included. For university courses, seek assistance from your instructor. For Solver Academy courses, check the course forum for assistance.

Price: $100.00