• Your Excel Model as a Cloud Service
  • Access Results via JSON or OData
  • Connect to 100+ Cloud Data Sources
  • Create Multi-Stage Decision Flows
  • Track Model Versions and Runs
  • Use Azure Security Best Practices
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Create and Test Your Model

Use our powerful Excel-based tools, RASON modeling language, and learning resources to prove that your model yields the results you need. Use Excel for Windows, Macintosh, or the Web, or a browser with RASON.

Deploy as a Cloud Service

Turn your model into an Azure-based cloud service, usable by any application that consumes JSON or OData — point and click, no coding required. Using Power BI, Tableau, Power Apps or Power Automate? It's even easier!

Powerful, Comprehensive Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Made Easy in Excel

  • Solve the full range of optimization problems
  • Solve huge models with best-of-breed Solvers
  • Run high-speed Monte Carlo simulations
  • Solve stochastic optimization problems
  • Time Series Forecasting Methods
  • Data Exploration and Feature Selection
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Classification and Prediction Algorithms
  • DMN-FEEL Compatible Decision Tables
  • Point-and-Click Deployment to Azure


Excel Solver compatible Use existing Solver models as-is, but solve faster -- just open your workbook and solve.
Solve large-scale linear and nonlinear models Solve models with thousands to millions of variables and constraints. Linear and quadratic, mixed-integer, smooth nonlinear, global optimization, non-smooth evolutionary, robust optimization and stochastic programming Solvers are all included.
Ultra-Fast Monte Carlo Simulation Easily define uncertain variables with sampling from 50 continuous, discrete and custom distributions, copulas and rank-order correlation, and distribution and correlation fitting.
Time series forecasting Apply the most popular exponential smoothing and Box-Jenkins (ARIMA) methods with seasonality to forecast time series, such as sales and inventory, from historical data.
Prediction and classification methods Use powerful multiple linear and logistic regression with variable selection, data mining methods like naive Bayes, CaRT, k-nearest neighbors and neural networks, and ensembles of multiple algorithms.
DMN and FEEL compatible decision tables Create multiple linked decision tables with sets of business rules, using the DMN (Decision Model and Notation) open standard and FEEL (Friendly Enough Expression Language).
Point-and-click Deployment to the Cloud Turn your Excel model into an Azure-based cloud service, usable by any web or mobile app. Use your model on Power BI and Tableau dashboards, connect to new data sources, and re-solve.
Much, much more This is just a brief overview -- see more extensive features -- and it's all included, even in our ultra-low-cost Analytic Solver Basic!

Turn Your Excel Analytic Model into an Azure Cloud Service — with a Few Mouse Clicks

  • Create App - Cloud Service - Excel Model
  • Save Workbook on OneDrive or RASON Server
  • Choose Your Desired Model Inputs and Results
  • Optionally Translate from Excel to RASON Notation
  • Full Data Mining Workflows Become Cloud Services
  • Run Your Model from Any App with REST Calls
  • Optionally Supply Inputs from URL Parameters
  • Get Model Results in JSON or OData Format
  • Easily Use Results in Power Apps, Power Automate
  • RASON Models Use 100+ Cloud Data Sources


Analytic Solver V2020 Create App Dialog


Run Your Analytic Model Live on a Power BI or Tableau Dashboard

  • Create App - Power BI or Tableau - Model
  • Save Workbook on OneDrive or RASON Server
  • Choose Your Desired Model Inputs and Results
  • Creates a Custom Visual or Dashboard Extension
  • Drag Your Model onto Power BI or Tableau Dashboard
  • Select or Drag to Connect Data from the Dashboard
  • Your Model Re-Solves Whenever the Data Changes
  • Results Appear in Visual Bar Chart form Automatically


Power BI Custom Visual Created from Excel Model


Manage Versions, Champions and Challengers, Monitor Results of Your Cloud Services

REST API and JSON Every RASON model has a REST API, with JSON requests and responses – easy to consume in any web or mobile app, from C# to JavaScript.
OData Endpoint Every RASON model has an OData endpoint for results. Tools like Power BI and Power Apps can consume these results directly – no code required.
Pluggable Data Sources Every RASON model can use a wide range of “pluggable” data sources, from Excel and CSV files on OneDrive to SQL Server, the Common Data Service, or 100+ CData Cloud Hub sources.
Security Best Practices Run RASON models with basic (encrypted) or advanced (OAuth2 PKCE) API tokens. Easily maintain OneDrive, Common Data Service, SQL Server and CData access credentials in Azure vaults. Benefit from Frontline's ongoing RASON Server security and performance monitoring.
Versioning, Champions Every RASON model has version tracking. You can designate "champion" and "challenger" model versions, and monitor results for each one.
Monitor Result History Every RASON model has tracking of each run – and since RASON monitoring has its own OData endpoint, you can view, slice and dice the history in Power BI.
Excel and RASON All this applies to both model’s created in RASON’s high-level modeling language, or created in Excel using Frontline’s Analytic Solver add-in.

Easily Create Multi-Stage Decision Flows, with Business Rules, Optimization, Simulation and Machine Learning

Drag and Drop Editor Easily create multi-stage flows in a Drop & Drop editor that follows DMN Decision Requirement Diagram (DRD) conventions. Flip between the RASON text and graphical form at any time.
Decisions and BKMs Stages can execute the full range of predictive and prescriptive analytics: DMN-compatible decision tables, Excel calculations, SQL operations, Monte Carlo simulations, mathematical optimizations, or machine learning training or prediction steps.
Indexed Data Frames Multi-dimensional data is automatically passed between stages, in a standard, general "indexed data frame" form that maintains dimensional information across statistical and ML transformations.
Stage-level Results Run only the stages that need updating, easily determine the outcome of each stage, and obtain results in JSON or OData form, at each stage or only at the final stage(s).
Reusable Models Each stage can be written inline or can invoke a "reusable model" via its interface. Models can be written in RASON or Excel with Analytic Solver, and may be used in multiple decision flows.
Automatic Scheduling Schedule a decision flow to run at fixed intervals. Even simpler, specify how recently updated you want each stage to be -- RASON will automatically determine when to run each stage.


RASON Linear Regression + Optimization Decision Flow


You Can Do This - We're Here To Help


Documentation From a simple Ribbon and Task Pane interface, to instant-access online Help, our 21-page QuickStart Guide, and over 1,800 pages of User and Reference Guides, we've got you covered.
Textbooks If our built-in documentation isn't enough, scores of textbooks for MBA analytics courses use Analytic Solver software throughout, with step-by-step instructions and example models.
Wizards Our Constraint Wizard helps you define the right constraints for optimization. Our Distribution Wizard does the same for simulation. And our Deployment Wizard helps you move your model to the cloud.
Guided Mode Guided Mode takes you step-by-step through automatic diagnosis of your optimization model, recommended Solver Engines, and interpreting result messages. Auto-Help Mode steps in only when a problem arises.
Live Chat Only Frontline Solvers offer quick access to Tech Support via Live Chat from inside Excel -- automatically passing error information to our support reps.