• Learn predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Use C++, C#, Java, Python, R, JavaScript
  • Use data mining, optimization, simulation
  • Use an object-oriented library or a REST API
  • Work with a non-developer business analyst
  • Build a deployable application in record time
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Learn and Use Analytics

Want to learn and use data science (predictive analytics) and/or management science (prescriptive analytics)? We have powerful SDKs and APIs, RASON modeling language, and learning resources for you.

Work with a Business Analyst

Want to work with a business analyst / non-developer in your company, to turn a model that the analyst has developed into a deployed application? With RASON, we can make this radically simple.

Use optimization and simulation models in your desktop, Web or mobile application

Define models entirely in code: C/C++, C#, Java, R, Python, More
Load and solve Excel workbook models and high-level RASON models
  • Solve the full range of optimization problems
  • Solve huge models with best-of-breed Solvers
  • Run high-speed Monte Carlo simulations
  • Solve stochastic optimization problems
  • Run on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows or Linux
  • Exploit multiple cores without extra programming
  • Run on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
  • Use as a Web Service via a SOAP or REST API
Common, Easy-to-Use Object-Oriented API Use the same high-level objects (like Problem, Solver, Variable and Function), collections, properties and methods across different programming languages.
Solve linear, nonlinear, non-smooth problems Linear and quadratic programming, mixed-integer programming, smooth nonlinear optimization, global optimization, and non-smooth evolutionary and tabu search are all included.
Fast Monte Carlo Simulation Engine Easily define uncertain variables with sampling from 50 continuous, discrete and custom distributions, rank-order correlation of dissimilar distributions, and distribution fitting.
Load, Update, Solve Excel Workbook Models Solver SDK can read Excel workbooks, interpret Excel formulas, and run Excel-based optimization and simulation model -- while running on a server without Excel itself.
Load, Update, Solve RASON Models Solver SDK can interpret models in our high-level RASON modeling language, bind to external data sources, and run RASON optimization and simulation models.
Load & Solve LP, MPS Files Solver SDK can load and solve linear and mixed-integer programming models defined in these traditional file formats.

Use forecasting, data mining and text mining models in your application

Transform data, train and evaluate models, score new cases in C++, C#, Java, Python or R.
  • Data Exploration and Feature Selection
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Classification and Prediction Algorithms
  • Time Series Forecasting Methods
  • DataFrame, Estimator, Model Objects
  • Pipeline Multiple Operations
  • Run on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows
  • Exploit multiple cores automatically
  • Run on desktop, server, cloud
  • Connect to Spark Big Data clusters
Common, Easy-to-Use Object-Oriented API Use the same high-level objects (like DataFrame, Estimator and Model), properties and methods across different programming languages.
Fast Text Processing, Latent Semantic Indexing Use stemming, term normalization, vocabulary reduction, and concept extraction to create a concept-document matrix.
Ensembles of "Weak Learners" Use boosting, bagging, and "random forest" methods to combine results from many instances of different algorithms.
Load, Update, Solve RASON Models XLMiner SDK can interpret models in our high-level RASON modeling language, bind to external data sources, and run RASON data mining operations.
Read & Write PMML Files XLMiner SDK can create, read and execute trained models in Predictive Modeling Markup Language (PMML) format.

Learn Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics from the Experts

For developers, learning to build effective data science (predictive) and management science (prescriptive) models can involve some work. You're likely comfortable with numbers, but you might not have used methods from probability, statistics, and linear algebra since college courses long ago. You're in the right place to learn -- we specialize in teaching people like you!

Register for an online course at Solver.Academy: New courses start each month.

  • OPT101: Optimization Using Analytic Solver (6 weeks)
  • SIM101: Simulation and Risk Analysis Using Analytic Solver (6 weeks)
  • DM101: Data Mining Using Analytic Solver - Part I (6 weeks)
  • DM201: Data Mining Using Analytic Solver - Part II (6 weeks)

About the RASON® Language and REST API

RASON is a mini-language you can use to quickly and easily create and solve analytic models -- optimization, simulation/risk analysis, forecasting, data mining and text mining models, and more. You can use RASON tools on Windows and Linux desktops and servers, but the RASON service is especially useful if you are building Web or mobile applications, and you’re familiar with RESTful web services.

RASON stands for Restful Analytic Solver® Object Notation. As a "lingua franca" easily understood by both business analysts and developers, it offers many benefits compared to using a traditional modeling language, using Excel to create analytic models, or writing analytic models in a programming language. See RASON example models.

Solver SDK supports RASON models, but you can also create them independently and solve them using Frontline's REST API service -- sign up for a free account at

RASON Models vs. Alternatives

How do RASON™ models compare to alternative ways of building analytic applications?

  • Compared to a modeling language such as AMPL or GAMS for optimization, or ARENA for simulation, RASON models have similar expressive power, and are easy to understand. But as you’ll see below, it is much easier to use a RASON model in a Web, mobile or server application.
  • Compared to Excel as a modeling language, RASON models can use essentially all of Excel’s operators and built-in functions, but it is much easier to build “dimensionally flexible” RASON models, and to use a RASON model in a Web, mobile or server application.
  • Compared to writing a model in programming language code, RASON models are “higher level” – much easier to create, modify and understand. But as you’ll see below, RASON models are so easy to manipulate in code that you don’t give up any flexibility.

Create analytic models once, easily deploy them wherever they're needed. Express your model in Excel, in RASON (most flexible!), or in C++, C#, Java, R or Python code. Analytic Solver empowers you to use and re-use your models and your software licenses, in desktop Excel, Excel Online and Google Sheets, Tableau and Power BI, our cloud platform, or your own application on a server, web page or mobile device. RASON models -- understood by both business analysts and developers -- are especially easy to maintain.

Analytic Solver® Architecture

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