The Complete Solution for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in Excel

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Risk Solver Platform




Analytic Solver Platform

Excel Solver upgrade, powerful optimization Sample from Excel, PowerPivot, SQL All Features of Both Products Plus...
Monte Carlo simulation for risk analysis Data Exploration and Visualization Visually Explore Simulation Results
Decision Trees for sequential decisions Time Series Forecasting Methods Data Mining of Simulation Results
Simulation optimization for any model Clustering, Principal Components Faster Performance on Large Models
Stochastic and Robust optimization for LPs Linear and Logistic Regression Better Guidance and Error Diagnosis
Parameterized simulations / optimizations Classification and Regression Trees Live Chat to Tech Support Built-in


Data Visualization, Data Mining, Simulation, Optimization:  Better Together in Analytic Solver Platform

Full-Powered Business Analytics in Excel

  • Draw data from large-scale PowerPivot & SQL databases
  • Explore and visualize your data with multiple linked charts
  • Create models for classification, prediction, and affinity analysis, using a full range of data mining methods
  • Visualize and understand the range of uncertain outcomes with Monte Carlo simulation
  • Create decision trees, and apply sensitivity analysis, simulation and optimization to them
  • Make complex resource allocation decisions using a full range of optimization methods
  • Optimize future plans with "here and now" and "wait and see" decisions
  • Visually share key insights to better manage risk and make decisions

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in Excel

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