Monte Carlo simulation

Make better decisions quickly with the easiest and most powerful simulation tools available.

Risk and uncertainty are facts of life in most business and public policy decisions. However, with the right tools you can better understand risks and identify ways to mitigate them. This is especially important when “experimenting” in the real world is too expensive, dangerous, or time consuming. In a short amount of time and for very little money we can run thousands of “what if” scenarios allowing us to make better decisions more quickly.

It's easier than you may think.

You can do this by:

  1. Creating a quantitative model,

  2. Running simulations to better understand the potential impact of the uncertain variables,
    and then

  3. Testing a range of what-if choices you can make.

From these three steps, you can gain a surprising level of insight into what can do right, what can go wrong, and what you can do about it.

To learn more, visit these tutorials:

  1. Risk Analysis Tutorial – An overview of quantitative risk analysis. (This tutorial serves as a foundation for the next two tutorials as is highly recommended if you are new to simulation.)

  2. Simulation Tutorial – An overview of different types of simulation, performing simulations, and analyzing simulation results.

  3. Monte Carlo Simulation Tutorial – An introduction to this very powerful method of simulation that is available in Frontline Systems' Analytic Solver Simulation.

  4. Monte Carlo Simulation Example Models— See example Excel models for simulation.

You may also want to learn about our Analytic Solver Simulation products.

They are the easiest, most powerful, and fastest tools you can buy for risk analysis of your Excel models. Starting with best-in-class Monte Carlo simulation and our proprietary PSI interpreter for the fastest simulation times available, they can also be combined with our optimization tools for truly the most powerful decision making toolset available.

  1. Analytic Solver Simulation Overview – Learn about our Analytic Solver Simulation line and what it can do for you.

  2. Video Demos – See Analytic Solver Simulation in action and learn about the features which make it so easy to use and powerful.

  3. Get your Free Trial – We offer a free, no risk trial of our Analytic Solver Simulation tool. Simply register and download your own full-featured trial version today.