On the Analytic Solver Data Science ribbon, select Get Data - Database to open the Sample From Database dialog.  Note:  Sampling from a database is not supported in Analytic Solver Data Science Cloud app.

Sampling From Database dialog

Click the down arrow next to Data source and select MS-Access, then click Connect to database.

Database Connection section of Sample from Database dialog

An Open file dialog is displayed. Browse to C:\Program Files\Frontline Systems\Analytic Solver Platform\Datasets. Select the Demo.mdb Microsoft Access database, and click Open.

Data is autopopulated for Table/View.

Table View on the Sample from Database dialog

Under Source Data, the Fields in Table list is populated.

Fields in Data on Sample from Database dialog

Select all fields from the Fields in table list, and click > to move all fields to the Selected fields list. Select ID for Primary Key. A Primary key must contain non-null and unique values across all rows in the table.

Selected fields on Sample from Database dialog

Click OK. A portion of the output is displayed in the Sample from Database below.

Sample from Database Results

For more information on the Sampling Options, refer to the Worksheet section.