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Now you can solve large-scale linear programming problems and much more in Excel -- with 100% compatible tools from the developer of the Excel Solver.

Premium Solver Platform:

Solves Much Larger LP Problems than Excel Solver

  • Solves Linear Programming problems up to 8,000 variables -- 40 times the capacity of the standard Excel Solver.

Solves Optimization Problems Much Faster than Excel Solver

  • Solves Linear Programming problems 10 to 20 times faster. Solve Linear Mixed-Integer problems 50 to 200 times faster or more.

Solves New Types of Optimization Problems

  • Also included: Advanced Solvers for Quadratic Programming, Nonlinear Optimization, Global Optimization, and Evolutionary/Genetic Algorithms.

The Compatible Upgrade for the standard Excel Solver

  • 100% upward compatible with the Solver in Excel, that we developed for Microsoft.  Existing Solver models and VBA macros can be used as-is.

Proven in Use by Thousands of Users Over Many Years.

  • Frontline Solvers have been proven in use by nearly 200,000 users.  Nearly 8,000 companies, many of them Fortune 1000 firms, are our customers.

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