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These messages appear in the Solver Results dialog when the Solver stops running. The best solution values for the decision variables are placed in the adjustable (changing) cells, and the worksheet is recalculated.

In the Solver Results dialog, you have the option to keep these solution values, or restore the original values of the adjustable cells. (Clicking on Cancel or pressing ESC restores the original values without choosing any other options.)

You can also create a named scenario which captures the values of the adjustable cells, and view it later with the Scenario Manager.

Finally, you can ask the Solver to produce one or more reports as shown in the Reports list box.

Unlike the other groups of Solver messages, this group is ordered by the result codes which can be returned when you invoke the Solver in a macro or custom program in VBA with the SolverSolve function.  Each numeric result code is shown in parentheses following the message.

Some of these messages have a slightly different interpretations, depending on whether you have selected the Assume Linear Model check box, and whether there are any integer constraints in your model. See the detailed explanations of each message, particularly the first one, "Solver found a solution."