We have worked closely with teachers and textbook authors for many years and we understand what's important to you. Dan Fylstra, our president, says "Successful use of our software in MBA programs isn't a sideline for Frontline Systems -- it's a strategic priority."

That is why we have a program including:

  1. The most powerful and integrated teaching tool for optimization and simulation available
  2. Low prices to help meet your budget needs
  3. Licenses for either one year or two years, to cover multiple courses
  4. Comprehensive technical support for you and your students

For pricing details, click Using Risk Solver Platform for Education in the ClassroomNOTE: You must be logged in as a qualified academic user to view this page.  Call us at (888) 831-0333 x101 (U.S. and Canada) or 775-831-0300 x101, or email academic@solver.com to add this feature to your user account.  We would love to talk with you about your unique needs and how we can meet them.

Breakthrough Pricing and Licensing Terms

Risk Solver Platform for Education is extremely easy on your budget: Licenses for students and student lab PCs are available at a breakthrough low student price: the same as Frontline’s former Premium Solver for classroom use, and considerably less than Crystal Ball Student Edition, even though Risk Solver Platform offers far more than both combined.

Email us today at academic@solver.com for details on our flexible and affordable site and individual pricing for teaching and research.

Licenses purchased from Frontline are good for either one year or two years. (These licenses do have problem size limits -- see our RSPE Product Overview page.) You won't have to deal with students who purchased used textbooks but found the bundled software license expired, or unexpected price increases that strain your department budget.

Frontline Systems offers licenses only for purchase by universities for use by their own faculty and students, with a certification that it will be used only for instructional (not administrative or research) purposes. The minimum license purchase quantity is 10, and the best price is available for 500 or more.

All problem size limits are controlled through a license code. If you have specific models that exceed the limits, contact us for a special license code that can raise the limits for a temporary period.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Frontline Systems offers direct technical support for you when you're teaching with the software, for your school's IT staff, and for your students during installation. Let us handle the mechanics of software, so you can concentrate on teaching modeling concepts. It's all included in our super-bargain price.

Further Information and Free Evaluation Licenses

For further information on Risk Solver Platform for Education, contact us at (888) 831-0333 (U.S. and Canada), 775-831-0300, or academic@solver.com. We'll be pleased to provide free evaluation licenses to faculty members considering adoption of the software. We can help you with conversion of simulation models you might have created with other software to work with Risk Solver Platform (it's very straightforward).