Digital magazine’s mission is to educate and inform analysts, managers, instructors, and students so they can improve their knowledge of fast-growing business analytics.

Solver International, a new digital magazine free for readers interested in analytics and business intelligence, is now available in a 53-page inaugural issue here.

“For businesses seeking to unlock value from data and analytic methods, the main bottleneck is people – usually business analysts – who understand both the business and the technical methods,” said John Llewellyn, president of Lionheart Publishing.  “Solver International is tackling this bottleneck head-on.”

The new magazine is a joint venture of Frontline Systems Inc., a leading vendor of advanced analytics software and cloud services, and Lionheart Publishing Inc., contract publishers of Analytics magazine and OR/MS Today for the INFORMS professional society. It is free for readers, but accepts outside advertising and outside editorial contributions.

“We’ve found that education in modeling and analytic methods is key to customers realizing value from our software,” said Daniel Fylstra, president of Frontline Systems. “Besides financial support, in Solver International we’re contributing content with our best insights about new developments in analytics.”

Inaugural Issue Features Tutorials, Case Studies

Solver International’s inaugural issue features two tutorial articles: “Analytics in the Cloud” explains how cloud computing works and how business intelligence and analytics tools are moving to the cloud, while “Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation” explains the basics of computer simulation models and how they can help managers understand – and mitigate – risks in business.

“Moving vehicles and bids efficiently,” a case study, recounts how the Philadelphia School District, eighth-largest in the nation with over 130,000 students, successfully applied mathematical optimization methods to the selection of vendors to operate bus routes, to maximize ROI while ensuring a diversity of suppliers.

“Excel: Big Data Tool?” describes how the FAA airline dataset – a classic “Big Data example” covering all commercial flights within the United States from October 1987 to April 2008 – can be analyzed in Microsoft Excel, and used to create a predictive model for flight delays.

Executive Interviews and Columnists Provide Insights

The inaugural issue features an extended interview with Ellie Fields, Senior Director of Product Development at Tableau Software, with insights about trends in Tableau’s “data ecosystem,” business intelligence and analytics in the cloud, the Internet of Things, and MBA education.

The issue also includes columns by Jen Underwood, the highly regarded principal of analyst firm Impact Analytix in Florida, on “A New World of Data”, and by Erik Torkia, Executive Partner for Analytics Practice at Technology Partnerz Ltd. In Quebec, on “Simulation Models: Here’s How and Why”.

Bi-Monthly Issues Planned

The second issue of Solver International is in an advanced stage of preparation. Editorial inquiries are welcomed at, while advertising information is available here. Full contact information is available here.