INFORMS Analytics Conference: April 2-4   *   Ceasar's Palace, 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Exhibit Booth 28   *   Workshop Sunday April 2, 3:00-4:45pm   *   Tutorial Tuesday April 4, 11:30am-12:20pm

INFORMS Analytics 2017 April 2-4 Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Exhibit Booth 28

Sunday, April 2, 2017    7–8:30pm (Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall) 
Monday, April 3, 2017    9am–4:30pm
Tuesday, April 4, 2017   10am–3:45pm

Frontline Systems is democratizing analytics, enabling business analysts and developers to get results quickly with just a browser, spreadsheet, or programming language, instead of expensive enterprise software with steep learning curves.  See how easily you can solve optimization, simulation/risk analysis, forecasting and data mining problems — starting for free, and scaling up easily to the largest models, using, Analytic Solver® for desktop Excel, and our RASON® modeling language and REST API.  Use our Solver and XLMiner® SDKs for C#, Java, C++, R and Python to create your own analytics applications.  Find your fastest path to real analytics results.

Technology Workshop

Sunday, April 2, 2017   3:00-4:45pm   Trevi

Everything You Need for Analytics Success: Learn How, Build Models, Deploy Applications

Find the easiest, fastest path to real analytics results for you and your team at this workshop, where business analysts, developers new to analytics, and experts are all welcome. Save learning time by leveraging the skills you already have in Excel or your favorite programming language. Use Help, Wizards, Guided Mode, Live Chat, Proactive Support, examples, videos, and full-scale online courses to enhance your analytic skills while you build real models. Use a comprehensive set of tools for forecasting, data mining, text mining, simulation and risk analysis, decision analysis, and conventional and stochastic optimization, on your desktop or in the cloud at Easily build models three ways: “point-and-click” in your browser or Excel, in our high-level RASON® modeling language, or via an object API in C#, Java, R, Python or C++. Pull data into your analytic models from spreadsheets, databases, BI systems, cloud resources, and Apache Spark Big Data clusters. You’ll see why over 8,000 organizations have used Frontline Solvers to get results over more than 25 years, and why over 200,000 users are already using our cloud analytics apps.

Tutorial Session

Tuesday, April 4, 2017   11:30am-12:20pm    Octavius 22 Data Mining, Simulation and Optimization in Your Web Browser is the new, simple, point-and-click way to create and run analytic models using only your web browser – that also works interchangeably with your spreadsheet. Whether you need forecasting, data mining and text mining, Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis, and conventional and stochastic optimization, you can “do it all” in the cloud. We’ll show how you can upload and download Excel workbooks, pull data from SQL Server databases and Apache Spark Big Data clusters, solve large-scale models, and visualize results – without leaving your browser. If you’re more comfortable working on your own laptop or server, we’ll show how you can do that, too. Bonus: “Learn it all” in the cloud, at your own pace with our web-based, self-service courses – complete with quizzes, midterm, final, and certificate of completion.