Premium Solver Platform

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Premium Solver Platform is powerful, comprehensive optimization software for Microsoft Excel that includes an Evolutionary Solver along with four other Solver engines. The Evolutionary Solver solves optimization problems by applying sophisticated genetic and evolutionary algorithms, utilizing technology that goes beyond other genetic-based optimization tools on the market. Here's why.

The Evolutionary Solver (included with Premium Solver Platform):

Solves Non-Smooth Optimization Problems.

  • The Evolutionary Solver provides huge increases in flexibility because it solves optimization problems that involve any Excel formula, such as IF, CHOOSE, and LOOKUP.
  • This Solver handles Integer Variables and “Alldifferent” constraints, useful for ordering and sequencing problems such as the Traveling Salesman Problem.

Often Finds Globally Optimal Solutions.

  • The Evolutionary Solver will often find globally optimal – or near optimal – solutions in many situations where a classical Solver will find only locally optimal solutions.

Combines with the Full Power of Premium Solver Platform to Solve All Types of Optimization Problems.

  • The Evolutionary Solver is one of five Solver Engines included within Premium Solver Platform.
  • The additional four Solver Engines with in Premium Solver Platform provide a full arsenal of optimization tools for linear programming, nonlinear optimization, integer programming, and non-smooth problems.

The Compatible Upgrade for the standard Excel Solver.

  • Premium Solver Platform is 100% upward compatible with the Solver in Excel, that Frontline Systems originally developed for Microsoft.
  • Existing spreadsheet models and VBA macros designed for the standard Excel solver will work as-is with Premium Solver Platform.

Uses Both Genetic Algorithms and Classic Optimization Methods.

  • The Evolutionary Solver combines genetic algorithm methods such as Mutation, Crossover, and Natural Selection with classic methods drawn from linear programming, nonlinear optimization, and pattern search, to find better solutions in less time.

Has a Winning Track Record With Thousands of Users Over Many Years.

  • Frontline Systems' software is the overwhelming favorite tool in its field for teaching these methods to MBA students in thousands of universities throughout the world.
  • Frontline Solvers have been proven in use by nearly 200,000 users.
  • Over 5,000 companies, many of them Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 firms, are Frontline Systems’ customers.

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