Thank you for using Frontline Solvers. The current version is Frontline Solvers V2023 Q3 (internally V23.3.0.0).

We're now shipping Frontline Solvers V2023 Q3.  V2023 Q3 is a major upgrade that requires either a paid license or a 15-day free trial license.  V2023 Q3 is free for users with a current Analytic Solver subscription license.  If your license has lapsed, simply contact us today at 775-831-0300 or email We'll explain the easy steps to renew your license at the lowest available pricing.

This is a 100% compatible update. With this upgrade, you get both Analytic Solver V2023 Q3 Desktop version (our "COM add-in", improved year after year), and our Analytic Solver Cloud version (our JavaScript or "modern Office" add-in, first introduced in 2019), which works in Excel for the Web, but also works in Excel for Macintosh and Excel for Windows. To use Analytic Solver Cloud version, you must have a current Office 365 subscription, and accept and install its regular updates for Excel.

Instructions for Analytic Solver V2023 Q3 Desktop

  1. If you aren't currently logged in to, enter your username or email address, and your password in the form below.
  2. Click the Download button in the top menu bar to proceed immediately to the Download page, and follow the instructions there.

Instructions for Analytic Solver V2023 Q3 Cloud

  1. Follow the steps on this page. Modern Office add-ins are simply "inserted" into Excel -- no download or Setup program is needed!
  2. Since modern Office add-ins are web applications, you'll need a continuous Internet connection to use Analytic Solver Cloud.
  3. In Excel for Windows, if you have both Analytic Solver Desktop and Analytic Solver Cloud active in Excel, the Cloud version "defers" to the Desktop version, so you'll be solving on your own PC, and a continuous Internet connection is not required.


If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact us:

  • During USA business hours, click the Live Chat link in the upper right corner of any page of
  • Call us at +1 775-831-0300 and press 3 for customer service and license codes; as a backup press 0.
  • Send email to -- this goes into our Help Desk system, where multiple people can respond.

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