From learning to build your own models, to having someone else do the work for you, we have resources to help you quickly get the results you want.

Free resources for learning how to use our optimization, simulation, and data mining tools

  • Tutorials — Go through our Optimization and our Simulation/Risk Analysis tutorials.
  • User Manuals — Explore our Excel User Manuals and SDK User Manuals.
  • How-To Videos — Review videos covering topics such as building your first model and using existing models with our advanced solvers.
  • Textbooks — Use the textbooks chosen by top MBA programs around the world to teach optimization, simulation, and data mining.
  • Example Models — Run example models, included with your free trial download, which can both help you build your own models and learn best practices.

Online training courses, through, given by leading professionals

Courses are offered across a range of skill levels to help you quickly master key basic and advanced principles and how to use the tools to get the best results with the least effort:

  • Optimization and Simulation/Risk Analysis: See upcoming beginning and advanced courses taught by Dr. Cliff Ragsdale.
  • Data Mining: See upcoming beginning and advanced courses taught by Dr. Anthony Babinec.

Support from expert consultants

Chances are we can connect you with a either a Frontline or partner consultant who has expertise in both your problem type and industry. Services range from training, to creating proof of concepts, to building complete applications.

We're here to help you

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