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Every business and government agency needs to make decisions to allocate and schedule scarce resources – people, money, raw materials – most effectively. And outcomes of these decisions are often subject to uncertainty. Frontline Solvers can help you make better decisions, based on good quantitative models, and have more confidence in their outcomes.


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Over 7,000 companies around the world, including many Fortune 500 firms and other leading software companies, use our products.

Why? Because we’re the technology leaders. We have delivered ever-better software and support to these customers for 20 years. We have an unmatched track record of innovation in this field, built by helping customers like you solve challenging real-world problems.

Beyond the tools, we also offer world-class technical support, on and offsite training, and consulting services where we can even build your application for you. We’re here to help you succeed. You can always email or call us with any questions.


The Benefits of Optimization

When you have to allocate scarce resources, there are often too many combinations of different choices for manual analysis.

But if you create a model – in Excel – that calculates your outcomes for any one set of choices, Frontline Solvers can use optimization to find the best choices among millions of possible combinations subject to constraints you define.

Now you can solver virtually any time or size of optimization problem, easily understand and share the results, and get help if and when you want it.

Learn more about optimization in our Optimization Overview section

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The Benefits of Simulation

When you make decisions, the outcomes are often uncertain: Prices can change, demand can fluctuate, completion times can vary. When there are several sources of uncertainty, manual decision-making is risky.

But if you create a model – for example in Excel – that calculates your outcomes for any one realization of the uncertainties, Frontline Solvers simulate thousands of situations and show you the full range of outcomes and their probabilities – so you can make “eyes wide open” decisions.

Learn more about simulation in our Simulation Overview section

Which of our products is right for you? Visit: Products Overview


You Can Do This

You’ll need a model – most easily built in Excel – that’s right for your business situation, that our Solvers can use. You can get started with our Example Models and Tutorials and our exclusive “Guided Mode” for optimization.

We also know that a real business model can get complex – so our Technical Support staff is ready to help with anything you don’t understand. For more help, we can even provide you with expert consulting who can assist you or even build a model for you.

We can help ensure that you:

  • Build the right model for your situation

  • Get and understand the best results

  • Accomplish this with the least time and cost

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