Risk Solver Platform

Your Best Choice for Monte Carlo Simulation,
Simulation Optimization and Stochastic Optimization in Excel

Optimization helps you make better decisions when you have the data and Monte Carlo simulation helps you understand the possible outcomes when you don't. Risk Solver Platform gives you the leading tools to do each individually as well as the ability to combine these analytic methods, easily, right inside Excel, so you can make better choices for decisions you do control taking into account the range of potential outcomes for factors you don’t.

 You simply create a model in Excel that includes:

  1. Decision variables for decisions you do control, just as in a conventional optimization model
  2. Uncertain variables for factors you don’t control, just as in a Monte Carlo simulation model
  3. An objective to maximize or minimize, that may depend on decision and uncertain variables
  4. Constraints to satisfy, that may also depend on decision and uncertain variables

Don't worry if any of the above is new to you. Our intuitive user interface, helpful guides and videos, and example models will get you started right.

Once a model is set up, Risk Solver Platform will search through thousands of ways to allocate resources and, for each one, through thousands of possible future outcomes, and seek the best set of choices. The solution and supporting analytics give you a much better picture of the decisions you should make and how to effectively manage risk.

Understand the Full Range of Potential Outcomes for Risk Analysis

Risk Solver Platform includes industry leading Monte Carlo Simulation capabilities:

  • Over 50 probability distributions and over 30 statistics and risk measures
  • Automatic fitting of distributions to user data or simulation results
  • 4 high-quality random-number generators and multiple random number streams
  • Sampling via Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube, and Sobol (randomized QMC) methods
  • Comprehensive reporting and charting capabilities
  • Comprehensive parametric simulation and simulation optimization capabilities

Product OverviewSee how easy it is to add simulation to an Excel model

Make the Best Decisions in Light of That Risk

Risk Solver Platform also delivers best in class optimization capabilities:

  • Handle any type and size of problem with leading built-in and optional plug-in solver engines
  • Build better models with less effort and solve them up to 40X+ faster than alternatives
  • Choose from a range of advanced engines or have Risk Solver Platform analyze your model for you to intelligently choose the best method and engine to get you the best answer
  • Build models in Excel with no programming required
  • Use enhanced analysis and reporting to identify and sell-in better decisions

Product OverviewNew to optimization? Easily build your first model

Product OverviewEasily use our premium solvers with your existing models

The Ease and Familiarity of Excel You Want

  • Full compatibility with Excel 2010, 2007, and 2003
  • Full support for the new 64-bit version of Excel 2010
  • Intuitive Ribbon and Task pane interface makes it easy to build and manage models
  • Tight integration means you can use all functions just like standard Excel functions
  • Guided Mode helps you understand, improve, fix any errors, and get the best insight and answers from your model
  • Context sensitive help, user guides, example models, and videos make getting started easy

Product OverviewEasily explore decision trade-offs for the best decisions

Speeds Up To 100x Faster than Alternative Excel-based Simulation Tools

  • Calculates only those cells that matter for the simulation, rather than recalculating every cell in the worksheet for every trial regardless of relevance to the trial
  • Takes full advantage of all available multi-core processors for the fastest processing speeds without having to launch multiple instances of Excel
  • So fast that you can run true interactive simulation for powerful what-if analysis simply not practical with competing alternatives

Simply hover the mouse over a cell to see a distribution instantly.
Then click on the cell, or the pop-up chart, and see the full results.

Product OverviewSee just how much faster our Risk Solver products are than the competition

Easily Understand Risk and Sell in the Resulting Recommendations

  • Risk Solver Platform creates clear and insightful charts and graphs that can be customized to highlight what you most want to understand and communicate
  • Decision makers are familiar with Excel making it easy to review models and results
  • Easily copy charts into any Windows application, such as PowerPoint

Risk Solver Frequency Chart
Create Frequency, Cumulative Frequency, and Tornado charts for uncertain results.

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What you’ll get with your free trial:

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  • An easy to use Excel-based interface and dozens of example models
  • Complete quickstart, user and reference guides, plus video tutorials
  • Access to pre-sales support to help you get the most from your trial

Proven by Thousands of Users Over Many Years

  • Frontline Solvers have been proven in use by nearly 200,000 users
  • Over 5,000 companies, many of them Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 firms, are Frontline Systems’ customers.
  • Frontline Systems’ software is the overwhelming favorite tool in its field for teaching optimization and simulation methods to MBA students in thousands of universities throughout the world

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