People who don’t work directly in the business intelligence and data science domains tend to get the two confused rather frequently. They both make sense of data and make important business decisions based on that data, but how they do so is completely different from one another. This post from Big... Read More

Apache Spark is, without a doubt, the new “big thing” when it comes to big data analytics. Its arrival was highly anticipated by data scientists and other business professionals alike, and its technology has quickly become one of the main resources for businesses looking to analyze big data....

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The most recent release of Power BI can be used to better help us understand the current trends in business intelligence. A recent post on MSDN blogs detailed five of these key trends. Power BI is now for everyone. More and more companies are recognizing Power BI for...

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For this week’s podcast, Chandoo interviewed Power Query expert Miguel Escobar on what he is currently working on, as well as how Power Query and Power BI can be used. He focuses on what Power Query is and what it actually does, how to install it, and then gives a few examples of how it can be used... Read More