Big Data is a hot topic in the business and technology world right now, but it’s infiltrating even more aspects of our lives, including our healthcare systems. According to this post from Health IT Outcomes, the University of Michigan has recently invested a whopping $100 million into a new initiative involving big data and science. The goal of the initiative will be to use research from a variety of fields, namely transportation and health and social sciences, to develop new approaches to using big data. Thanks to new technologies like wearables, fitness trackers and personal mobile devices, there is a wealth of new data available about anyone who chooses to track these things, and that data could be extremely useful for doctors and other professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Using the data available from all of these types of devices, in addition to each patient's personal healthcare record, could open up countless new avenues for doctors to assist patients with prescriptions, preventative care, more accurate diagnoses and even social behavior. For more information on how this initiative will improve healthcare operations, continue reading.

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