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INCLINE VILLAGE, NV -- July 10, 2005 -- Frontline Systems, Inc., developer of the Solver in Microsoft Excel, has unveiled a new "flagship" product for optimization software developers, the Solver Platform SDK, and a related full product line upgrade, Version 6.5 of its Premium Solver, Premium Solver Platform, and Solver Engines for Microsoft Excel.

"We're known as the leader in optimization software for Microsoft Excel," said Daniel Fylstra, President of Frontline Systems. "But with our new SDK product, we're leveraging all our strengths for optimization application developers who aren't working with spreadsheets."

Solver Platform SDK Aimed at Developers

The Solver Platform SDK (Software Development Kit) makes Frontline's full suite of Solvers for every type and size of optimization problem available to developers who are using today's most popular platforms and languages: Microsoft COM and .NET, Java and MATLAB, as well as C/C++, Visual Basic and other languages. Unlike other "callable library" optimizers, the SDK features easy-to-use 'wizards' to help developers get started quickly, and a new object-oriented API (Application Programming Interface) that enables developers to work at a higher level, closer to a modeling language than a conventional programming language. It also includes a new Monte Carlo Solver for developing simulation applications.

Premium Solver Platform Quadruples Capacity

The Premium Solver Platform Version 6.5 includes an LP/Quadratic Solver offering world-class performance on LP/QP/MIP (linear, quadratic and mixed integer programming) problems up to 8,000 variables -- quadruple the capacity of Version 6.0; an SOCP Barrier Solver handling QCP/SOCP (quadratically constrained and second order cone programming) problems up to 2,000 variables; and a GRG Nonlinear Solver for smooth nonlinear problems, an Interval Global Solver for global optimization problems, and an Evolutionary Solver for arbitrary non-smooth problems, all handling up to 500 variables.

Premium Solver Doubles Capacity, Offers Subscription Licensing

The Premium Solver Version 6.5 includes an LP Simplex Solver handling problems up to 2,000 variables -- double the capacity of Version 6.0 -- and a GRG Nonlinear Solver and Evolutionary Solver, handling up to 400 variables. In another first for optimization software, Frontline is offering the Premium Solver V6.5 on an annual subscription license basis, as well as a paid-up or permanent license basis. A one-year license is available for a little more than a dollar per day, plus the cost of annual support (which is traditionally offered on a subscription basis).

Solver Engines Support Excel, MATLAB, Programming Languages

Frontline's eight large-scale Solver Engines Version 6.5 "plug into" the Solver Platform SDK as well as the Premium Solver Platform for Excel, to solve problems with hundreds of thousands of variables and constraints. Unlike other software for optimization and simulation, Frontline's Solver Engines can be used with Excel, MATLAB, Java, all .NET and COM languages, and conventional procedural programming languages -- all for the price of one license.

New License Manager Offers Flexible Use and Deployment

In Version 6.5, all of Frontline's products incorporate a new software license manager that simplifies the process of obtaining licenses, transferring them to new employees, sharing "concurrent user" licenses over a network, and "checking out" licenses from the network for travel or temporary use. Deployment of optimization applications, using either the Premium Solver Platform or the Solver Platform SDK and Solver Engines, is easier and more flexible than ever, thanks to the license manager and to new pricing and policies for runtime licenses.

Availability, Upgrades, Academic Versions, and Free Evaluations

The new Premium Solver V6.5, Premium Solver Platform V6.5, and eight Solver Engines V6.5 are available now.  The new Solver Platform SDK V6.5 is targeted for release by the end of July 2005.The Solver Platform SDK and the Premium Solver Platform are each priced at $1,495 for a single user license in the U.S., and €1,725 and £1,145 in Europe, plus required first-year annual support. Frontline's Solver Engines have prices ranging from $995 to $7,695 in the United States, and from €1,725 to €8,875 and £1,145 to £5,875 in Europe, plus annual support. Existing users of the Premium Solver products Version 6.0 with current annual support subscriptions will receive free upgrades to the new product versions. Academic versions of the Premium Solver Platform V6.5 and the Premium Solver V6.5 are $450 and $225, respectively, in the United States. Prospective users can download fully functional, full capacity and speed, free trial versions of the new products (limited to 15 days) from Frontline's Website at For further information, contact Frontline Systems Inc. in the United States at or at 888-831-0333 (toll free) or 775-831-0300.

About Frontline Systems, Inc.

Frontline Systems, Inc. ( is the leader in spreadsheet optimization software that helps analysts and managers optimally allocate scarce resources - money, equipment, and people - to realize substantial cost savings. Frontline developed the solvers/optimizers in Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and Quattro Pro, distributed to more than 100 million spreadsheet users. Founded in 1987, Frontline is headquartered in Incline Village, Nevada.

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