You're invited to evaluate all of Frontline's field-installable Solver Engines for large-scale optimization problems, working with Premium Solver Platform for Excel 2011 for Mac.  NOTE:  To use these Solver Engines, you must first download and install the Premium Solver Platform Package.

The Platform Solver Engines package installs any or all of the following Solver Engines:  Large-Scale LP/QP Solver, Gurobi LP/MIP Solver, and MOSEK LP/QP/SOCP Solver for linear, quadratic, and mixed-integer programming problems; and Large-Scale GRG Solver, Large-Scale SQP Solver, and KNITRO LP/QP/NLP Solver for smooth nonlinear (as well as quadratic and linear) optimization problems.

These downloadable Solver Engines are fully functional, with full capacity and speed.  You can use every feature, and solve problems of virtually unlimited size.  You can see for yourself which Solver Engine performs best on your problem.  However, your trial license will operate for just 15 days from the date you install the software.