Congratulations for taking action! If you already have a model built, but you think there’s an opportunity to improve the model, or maybe a better way to design the model, this is the way to go. Again, for $395 one of our Certified Consultants will review your current Excel model on a confidential basis, and provide you with a written report by email, and a brief phone discussion to summarize:

  1. Areas of the model that can be done differently to achieve a better result.
  2. If the consultant believes the model can be improved and/or re-designed, and if you indicate that you’d like a consulting proposal:
    • A project outline for services the consultant could provide, to actually build and solve the model.
    • A price quote for these consulting services, structured with check points along the way.

Completing this form will start the process of scheduling a Quick Model Review for Excel. We'll review the information you've submitted and match you with an expert consultant with experience in either your industry or your type of problem. When you click the button "Proceed to Payment Page", you'll be taken to a new, secure form where you can enter credit card billing information.

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