Risk Modeling and Simulation can be Easier than you think

Analyze and Manage Risk with your Excel Model

Easily build risk analysis models in Excel, get results using Monte Carlo simulation and decision trees – then use stochastic optimization to find the best decisions in uncertain situations.


Understand, manage and mitigate risk, using your Excel skills and the power of Analytic Solver Simulation software

  • Lightning Fast Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Powerful, easy to use Decision Tree capabilities
  • Distribution Wizard helps you model uncertainty correctly
  • Over 30 example models give you faster ways to start
  • Support Live Chat means help is only seconds away



Accessible Risk Analysis 
Start with your Excel model:  Simply replace fixed numbers with distribution functions that reflect uncertainty. Not sure what probability distribution to use? – use the built-in Distribution Wizard, or use Distribution Fitting to find the best fit to your historical data.

> Lightning-fast Monte Carlo Simulation
Risk Solver is the fastest simulation software on the market – 10, 20 or sometimes 50 times faster than competitive products.  Run multiple simulations that automatically vary parameters, or use Interactive Simulation to get new statistics and charts every time you change an input value.

Easy to Use Interface
Straight forward dialogs prompt you through all the steps of analysis. Our Ribbon and Task Pane interface gives you quick access to advanced features and help.

Analytic Solver Simulation is an amazing new add-in created by the makers of the famous Excel Solver add-in. Analytic Solver Simulation runs at lightning speed and certainly rivals Crystal Ball and @Risk.” J.W. Witter –vertex42.com 

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