PsiTransform(Model, Input_Data, [Header])

Transforms the Input_Data using a Transformation model stored in PMML format.  Note:  If using a version of Excel that does not support Dynamic Arrays, this function must be entered as an Excel array.  

Model:  Range containing the stored Transformation model in PMML format.   

Input_Data:  Range containing the new data for transformation. Range must contain a header with column names and at least one row of data containing the exact same features (or columns) as the data used to create the model.

Header:  If True, a heading is inserted above the returned results

Output: One or multiple columns containing a header and transformed data.

Supported Models

  • Transformation
    • Rescaling
  • Text Mining
    • TF-IDF Vectorization (input data – text variable with the corpus of documents)
    • LSA Concept Extraction (input data – term-document matrix, where columns represent terms and rows represent documents)

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Algorithm Stored Model Sheet
Rescaling Rescaling_Stored
Text Mining