PsiDecTable(data, [output], [ret_header], input_val1, inputval2)

This function defines a decision table over the constant range data and the specified inputs [outputs].

data (Required) – This is the cell address of the decision table in the Excel worksheet.

output_names (Optional) – Use this argument to return a result for a single input variable.

return_header (Optional) – Use this argument to insert a header at the beginning of each column of results. 

input_valX (Required) – Analytic Solver supports anywhere from 1 to 253 input variables in the decision table.  


=PsiDecTable(G7:K16, "holidays", TRUE, age, service) where

G7:K16 is the location of the decision table on the Excel worksheet,

"holidays" (optional) to ensure that the returned results only include the specified output and

TRUE to add a header to the result, 

age and service are the two input variables.

For more information on this Psi function, see the Frontline Solvers User Guide.