PsiJoin PsiJoin(Table1, Table2, "Clause", Return_table)

This function joins two arrays, with headers, according to the clause argument. Currently, only the inner join option is supported.

Table1 – Enter the cell address of the first decision table.

Table2 – Enter the cell address of the second decision table.

Clause – Specifies how the two arrays, or decision tables, are to be joined, i.e. which columns are to be matched. This argument must be surrounded by quotes.

Return_table - Enter 0, 1, or 2.  If 1, records from Table1 are returned.  If 2, records from Table2 are returned.  If 0, records from both tables are returned.  


= PsiJoin('Loan Types'!J13:L15, A2:I8, "loanType = loanType, confType = confType, downPct >= 'minDown %'")


Table1 = 'Loan Types'!J13:L15, Table2 = A2:I8, and Clause = "loanType = loanType, confType = confType, downPct >= 'minDown %'"

Note: loanType, confType, and downPct are three common features to both tables. For more information on this Psi function, see the Examples:  Decision Table chapter within the Analytic Solver User Guide.