PsiCalcValue(Output_cell, paramidx)

PsiCalcValue returns the specific value for a call or function of a calculation. Pass the cell address or defined name of the desired cell for the first argument, Output_cell.  Pass the calculation number for the second argument, paramidx, if multiple calculations are being run. 

Example:  =PsiCalcValue($I$26,2) returns the results of cell I26 for the 2nd calculation index. 

See the example model DTPsiCalcParam.xlsx (Help – Example Models – Decision Table and Decision Tree Examples – Calculation Parameter Example) to see this function in use and the Examples:  Decision Tables chapter in the Analytic Solver User Guide for a complete discussion.

When entered as an array, this function defines an observation output for a given formula cell.  Analytic Solver will only consider the observation outputs in a pure workbook recalculation. 

Example: A1:A3 contains {=PsiCalcValue(I26)} where I26 contains PsiDecTable().   PsiCalcValue will return the results of PsiDecTable in cells A1:A3.