Use the latest analytical technologies for your Operation Research Problems

Analytic Solver Platform will enhance your decision making capabilities with this easy to use upgrade to the Built in Excel Solver.

Solve Large Optimization Problems in Excel 

  • Run your existing Excel Solver models as is
  • Diagnostic aids help you get your model right 
  • Enterprise Level Power for a price you can afford
  • Upgradable to handle millions of decision variables


Make what once seemed impossible, happen!

Operations Research for Everyone
Our software uses the most powerful methods from Operations Research, but it’s designed for use by managers and professionals with MBAs and/or engineering degrees, without requiring specialized OR/MS training.

Quickly Solve Optimization Problems
Linear Programming problems can often be solved 10 to 20 times faster, and Linear Mixed-Integer problems 50 to 200 times faster than the Solver in Excel.  And you can solve conic, nonlinear and global optimization problems faster with the same software.

> Easy to Use Interface
Use either a dialog-based interface that matches the basic Excel Solver, or our Ribbon and Task Pane interface with quick access to advanced features and help.

Comprehensive Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Upgrade to Analytic Solver Platform and “do it all” with powerful data mining and predictive analysis, simulation/risk analysis and decision trees, and conventional and stochastic optimization in one package.


Start Making Money Saving Decisions Today  

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in Excel