All-In-One Optimizer for Custom Applications

Frontline Systems is pleased to offer the Solver DLL Platform Version 4.5 for all recent versions of Microsoft Windows on Intel processors.  This means that you can create custom applications that include powerful optimization capabilities like those in Frontline's Premium Solvers for Microsoft Excel, and deliver them to your own users, or offer them on an Intranet or Web server (with a license from Frontline Systems).

  • LP/Quadratic Solver Handles Problems up to 2,000 Variables
    -- Faster than Ever with New Dual Simplex Method
  • GRG Solver Handles Smooth Nonlinear Problems up to 500 Variables, with Global Optimization Using Multistart Methods
  • Hybrid Evolutionary Solver Handles Non-Smooth Problems up to 500 Variables, with Hundreds of Constraints
  • New "Alldifferent" Constraint Eases Solution of Problems Involving Ordering and Permutations

If you've been solving optimization problems in Excel that take a long time to solve, you may find that rewriting your model in Visual Basic or VBA and calling the Solver DLL Platform can be as much as 10 to 100 times faster!  And with a license from Frontline Systems, you can deliver your application program to users who may not have Microsoft Excel installed.

Please Note:  Watch for the imminent release of our exciting new Solver Platform SDK V6.5, a comprehensive solution for application developers, that is fully upward compatible with the Solver DLL Platform V4.5.  Purchase a development license for the Solver DLL Platform V4.5  with Annual Support now to receive a free upgrade to the new (more comprehensive, but more expensive) Solver Platform SDK V6.5, as soon as it's available!

Click the links below to learn more about the Solver DLL Platform:

Easy to Use for Developers

The Solver DLL Platform is known for its ease of use, excellent documentation, extensive application program examples, and careful argument checking and diagnostics.

Greater Speed and Capacity

The Solver DLL Platform combines Frontline Systems' latest performance improvements in Solver engines with the speed of compiled programs (versus interpreted Excel formulas).  Speed gains are especially notable for nonlinear and nonsmooth optimization problems -- solutions are often found 10 to 100 times faster

Compared to the standard Excel Solver, you'll be able to solve general nonlinear problems with two and a half times the number of decision variables and constraints -- and the more common linear and integer problems with ten times the number of variables (up to 2,000) and no limit on constraints.

Supports Multiple Users Concurrently

The Solver DLL Platform is fully reentrant and suitable for multi-threaded applications, such as those on Intranet or Web servers that are designed to serve multiple users concurrently.  (The Solver DLL must be called with an appropriate key string to permit multi-threaded use.)

Order or Upgrade Today!

Prices.  The Solver DLL Platform includes linear and quadratic Solver engines for problems up to 2,000 variables, and nonlinear and nonsmooth Solver engines for problems up to 500 variables.  Special "subset" versions are available for distribution with your application (under a VAR agreement) that include only the linear and quadratic Solver engines or only the nonlinear and nonsmooth Solver engines.  Click on DLL Software and Support Prices for details.  If you are ordering for several users, ask us about quantity discounts and Concurrent User Licenses.

What's Included.  The Solver DLL Platform supports all recent versions of Microsoft Windows (except Windows CE), including Windows 95 / 98 / ME and Windows NT / 2000 / XP.  It comes with a dozen example application programs written in both Visual Basic and C/C++, plus a comprehensive User Guide and extensive online Help.  You can order today with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Annual Support Contracts.  An Annual Support Contract is strongly recommended for the Solver DLL Platform, and is required in order to obtain software upgrades and technical support beyond basic installation assistance.  An Annual Support Contract includes:

  • A limited warranty for the functionality and performance of the software product 
  • All software upgrades for the product released during the contract term
  • Ability to trade in this product for an even more powerful DLL Solver product
  • Access to protected support pages of our Website
  • Technical support by phone and email during normal business hours
  • Up to 15 minutes of consulting assistance arising during the contract term

Annual Support prices for the Solver DLL Platform are discounted approximately 25% from Annual Support Contract renewal prices when purchased at the same time as a software license -- click on Support/Upgrades for details.

Distribution Licenses.  If you want to build an application using optimization, and then distribute your application to end users or offer it on an Intranet or Web server, you've come to the right place!  We offer discounted distribution licenses and flexible terms:  Click to find out more.

Evaluation Versions.  If you want to "try before you buy," simply register by filling out a simple form, then download a free evaluation version of the Solver DLL Platform that solves limited-size problems.  To obtain the Solver DLL Platform V4.5 Setup program and an evaluation license code that will allow you to use the full featured, full capacity, full speed version of the Solver DLL Platform 15 days, free of charge, send us email at, call us at (775) 831-0300, or send a fax to (775) 831-0314.

Product Upgrades.  If you have a licensed copy of our Solver DLL Version 3.0 or 3.5, you can upgrade and receive a credit for the product you own, if you have a current Annual Support Contract (if you aren't current, see our instructions for "catching up" on annual support).  Contact us for the amount of the credit.

Contact Us Today:  Display or print our Order Form in PDF format, send us email at, call us at (775) 831-0300, or send a fax to (775) 831-0314.