Wizards and IntelliSense in Visual Studio

Do you need to build your application quickly, but you haven't had time to study the SDK documentation?  Just follow these easy steps:

Use an SDK Wizard to Help You Get Started

  • Start your favorite Interactive Development Environment (IDE) -- Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio .NET 2003, Visual C++ 6.0, or Visual Basic 6.0.
  • Use a Microsoft-supplied Wizard to create any type of application, from a Visual Basic or C++ MFC desktop app to a .NET application using Windows Forms or Web Forms, or even a Web Service.
  • Start the Solver Platform SDK Wizard for your favorite language, let it take you step-by-step through a few questions, then watch as it generates a working skeleton optimization application

SDK Optimization Wizard (32791 bytes)

SDK Optimization Problem Wizard dialog

The Solver Platform SDK is the only optimization software that includes Wizards to get you started, IntelliSense Help for Microsoft languages, and XML-based balloon Help for Microsoft .NET or JavaDoc for Sun Java, that gives you help as you hover your mouse over existing code!

Use IntelliSense Help as You Write Code

  • Start by writing a statement such as Problem myprob = new Problem; to create a new object.
  • Start another statement by typing myprob, then a dot to reference some Problem property or method.
  • IntelliSense Help displays a dropdown list of available properties and methods -- just select one!
  • IntelliSense Help then prompts you for the indexers or arguments you must supply to that property or method!

Other vendors emphasize the speed of their Solvers, but have little to say about speed and ease of software development.  The Solver Platform SDK is the only optimization software library that excels at both!

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