Frontline Systems is pleased to offer special pricing -- more than a 90% discount from our commercial prices -- for multiple licenses of our (full-size) Premium Solver for Excel, for teaching (classroom or laboratory) use only.  A number of universities purchase licenses for all of their incoming MBA students each year under this program.

Orders under this program must be placed by a university or academic institution, specifying that the licenses will be used for teaching in a classroom or laboratory setting.

A master copy of the software will be shipped to a responsible administrator, who will be authorized to make copies of the software and distribute them to students, or install them on classroom or laboratory computers.  Frontline will provide telephone technical support only to teaching faculty members or administrators.  The institution must take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized copying of the software so distributed.

The minimum quantity of licenses that may be ordered at one time under this program is 10.  Further discounts are offered for quantities of 100 or more licenses purchased at one time:







Add'l Disc.






Unit Price






With our latest release, Risk Solver Platform V10.0 for Education is superseding the Premium Solver for Classroom Use program.  Risk Solver Platform for Education has far more power than Premium Solver for optimization, as well as Monte Carlo simulation and decision analysis, and it is also available on a permanent license basis, but it has lower problem size limits.  For further information about this program -- especially if you've previously taken advantage of the Premium Solver for Classroom Use program -- please call 775-831-0300, email, or contact us via the Web.

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