NOTE: We do not recommend updating your software in the middle of the semester/period unless your professor has instructed you to do so.

Download Instructions

1. Ensure that Excel is closed. Since our software is an add-in to Excel, Excel needs to be closed for installation to properly complete.

2. Complete the form below.

3. Click on the Download Now button. You may need to enable pop-ups and should be presented with a dialog asking “Do you want to run or save this file?” Select Save to save the file, paying attention to where it is saved, and the name.

4. Run the file you saved (SolverSetup.exe). As long as your license is current, you will not need to enter an installation password or activation code since this is an update.

If you have problems downloading or installing, please email or call 775-831-0300 and press 4 (tech support). If you have problems setting up or solving your model, or interpreting the results, please ask your instructor for assistance; Frontline Systems cannot help you with homework problems.

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