This page is a gateway to a set of "protected" pages that provide online information, models and other downloadable files for users who have purchased, or who are evaluating Frontline Systems' Premium Solver Pro and Risk Solver Pro products.

To access most of the links on this page, you must have registered to create an account on this Website, you must be currently logged in, and your account must have access to Excel Solver support information.  If you have problems accessing these pages, please contact us.

Note:  The first example above illustrates how an optimization model can be created, or converted to "fast problem setup" form, to achieve faster total solution times.  This is still supported in our current products, and it can be effective in Premium Solver Pro or Risk Solver Pro; but you can save yourself a good deal of time by upgrading to Premium Solver Platform or Risk Solver Platform, where Frontline's PSI Technology can be used to achieve much faster setup and solution times, without any extra effort on your part.

If you have purchased an Annual Support Contract for any of our products, or if you purchased a product license without a support contract in the last 90 days, you should have an account (with your email address as the user name) with access to these links.

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