The #1 Choice Around the World for Optimization in Excel

  • Solve every type and size of conventional optimization problem
  • Build better models with less effort and solve them up to 40X+ faster
  • Build models in Excel with no programming required
  • Use enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities to more easily share and sell-in results

Solves Much Larger and More Complex Problems than Excel Solver

  • Solves linear programming problems up to 8,000 variables. (That’s 40 times the capacity of the standard Excel Solver.)
  • Solves problems with integer constraints up to 2,000 variables (10 times the capacity of the Excel Solver).
  • Plug-in Solver Engines for Premium Solver Platform can solve linear programming problems with an unlimited number of variables.  If one is needed, you can try out the Large-Scale LP/QP Solver, MOSEK Solver, XPRESS Solver, and Gurobi Solver free of charge, and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Get Started Quickly and Easily

  • Your existing Excel solver models, and any VBA code, will work as-is
  • Choose between an Excel solver-like interface or our advanced ribbon and task pane interface with more features and control
  • Includes detailed user guides, example models, and video tutorials
  • Access world-class technical support and consulting services

Try it Yourself with a FREE 15-day No-Obligation Trial

What you’ll get with your free trial:

  • A fully-functioning version of Premium Solver Platform
  • Fully functioning versions of all plug-in large-scale solver engines
  • An easy to use Excel-based interface and dozens of example models
  • Complete QuickStart, user and reference guides, plus video tutorials
  • Access to pre-sales support to get the most from your trial

Proven with thousands of users over many years

  • Frontline Solvers have been proven in use by nearly 200,000 users.
  • Over 5,000 companies, many of them Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 firms, are Frontline Systems’ customers.
  • Frontline Systems’ software is the overwhelming favorite tool in its field for teaching optimization and simulation methods to MBA students in thousands of universities throughout the world.

Customer Testimonials:

Our first project uncovered nearly $1MM in savings.

“The Premium Solver Platform with Xpress Solver engine has been a huge asset to us. We have been able to utilize the solver’s capability to run extremely complex models of our distribution network uncovering large savings; our first project uncovered nearly $1MM in savings.”

Michael Mazzanti, Kraft Foods, Inc. USA

It was also very easy to integrate with Excel.

“The Frontline Premium Solver was very helpful in solving a large water reuse optimization problem for one of our manufacturing plant. It was also very easy to integrate with Excel.”

Mohammed Qayyumi, Aditya Birla Science and Technology, India
(a US$29B Indian conglomerate)

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