Analytic Solver Platform for Education is your comprehensive software solution for teaching business analytics topics including "predictive analytics" -- data exploration and visualization, forecasting and data mining, and "prescriptive analytics" -- optimization, simulation/risk analysis, decision trees, and sensitivity analysis. ASPE works with Excel 2016, Excel 2013, and Excel 2010 on all recent Windows versions including Windows 8 and Windows 10; both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available for Excel 2016, Excel 2013 and Excel 2010.

Options For Teaching with Analytic Solver Platform for Education

With Analytic Solver Platform for Education, we have two simple and affordable options for using the software in your classroom.

Option 1: Individual Student Licenses (Minimum 10)

Your university (or you as a faculty member, with a credit card) an place an order for individual student licenses, with a minimum quantity of 10.  An Academic Certification must accompany your order.  A one-year license for ASPE is available for just $60 per student, and a two-year license is available for just $90 per student.  In large quantities, ASPE licenses are even more affordable:

One-year license$60.00$57.00$54.00$48.00$42.00
Two-year license$90.00$85.50$81.00$72.00$63.00

For this option, please contact us at 775-831-0300 or  We can accommodate a wide range of methods for distributing the software to students, Please contact for more information. We will work directly with your university IT personnel to get the software installed and running.

READY TO ORDER?  Click Analytic Solver Platform for Education Software for a product (not listed in our Product Catalog) that you can add, at these prices, to the Shopping Cart.

Option 2: Adopt a Textbook that Uses Analytic Solver Platform for the Class

Adopt one of the textbooks listed at Analytic Solver Platform for Education Simplifies Teaching and Saves Classroom Time.

  1. The original purchaser of each of these textbooks is entitled to a $25 semester-length (140-day) license to use Analytic Solver Basic for Education.
  2. To obtain a free Course Code for your course, please call us at 775-831-0300 x101 or email  Give us your name and email as instructor, your university name, course name, start and end dates, approximate number of students, and the qualifying textbook you are using.
  3. To obtain the software, students must register at, entering their name, email, university name, Textbook Code (listed in the textbook, or ask us), and Course Code.
  4. Submitting this form will take textbook owners directly to the Risk Solver Platform for Education download page, with further instructions to activate their license.