Analytic Solver® software is a uniquely comprehensive, integrated platform for both data science and management science.  You can create models in Excel, RASON® modeling language, or a programming language (C++, C#, Java, R, Python), and easily move between them.

Managers: Leverage the expertise of people you already have.  Accelerate time to value, from modeling the situation to deploying a solution.

  • Use it in both Excel for Windows or Mac and in Excel for the Web.  Create models you can easily deploy in Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, or your own website or mobile app.
  • Leverage your domain knowledge and modeling experience: Use Excel, our high-level Excel-compatible modeling language RASON® -- or translate from Excel to RASON automatically.

Business analysts and software engineers: Work together on the same model: RASON allows analysts to "think in Excel" while developers "think in JavaScript" at the same time. Easily deploy RASON models in Power BI, or on your own servers, websites or mobile apps.

Analytic Solver® Architecture

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