Data Visualization, Data Mining, PowerPivot Support

In July 2011, Frontline Systems Inc. acquired all rights to XLMiner from Cytel Corporation and LLC.  V4.0 is the first version to reflect Frontline’s investment in new product development for XLMiner.

Data Visualization – Beyond Excel Charts

Excel has traditionally included extensive tools for creating charts and graphs, but these were designed primarily for presentation, not for exploration and visualization of complex inter-relationships in multivariate data.  Now in XLMiner V4.0, you can easily explore and visualize your data direcly in Excel.

  • Use our Chart Wizard, or create new charts with a single click -- then change axes and colors, or create multi-panel charts with one more click.
  • With multiple linked charts, you can select data points of interest in one chart, see the same point highlighted in other charts, and see the actual data values in a side window.
  • Easily filter your data with simple sliders and checkboxes.  Use your mouse to zoom in on a part of a chart, and zoom back out.
  • Create multi-variable displays like a scatterplot matrix or parallel coordinates chart, with a single click.

Work with 'Big Data' using XLMiner's New PowerPivot Support

Do you want to apply data mining methods to very large datasets, or multiple datasets from different sources?  Yes, you CAN do this in Excel, with XLMiner V4.0 and Microsoft's PowerPivot add-in!

PowerPivot for Excel is a free add-in from Microsoft’s SQL Server group that brings a powerful database engine into memory with Excel.  It handles up to hundreds of millions of rows of data in Excel.  What's more, PowerPivot makes it easy to integrate data from multiple disparate data sources – including Microsoft’s Window Azure Data Marketplace, with a huge array of publicly available datasets – into one, potentially quite large, in-memory relational database.

In XLMiner V4.0, we've extended XLMiner's "sample from database" facility to sample from the in-memory database maintained by PowerPivot.  So you can explore, visualize, and build a data mining model for any sort of data that you can bring into Excel through PowerPivot!

Supports Excel 2013 Preview Edition, and the New PowerPivot

Unlike XLMiner V3.x and many other Excel add-ins, XLMiner V4.0 works with new Excel 2013 Preview Edition, available as a free download for 'public beta' testing and evaluation, as a part of Office 2013 Preview.  In Excel 2013, a new version of PowerPivot is included 'in the box' with Excel -- and XLMiner V4.0 works with this new version of PowerPivot, right now!

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