General Simplex, Newton Barrier, Presolve Options

The XPRESS Solver Engine Options dialog is divided into tabs that display options and parameters related to specific solution methods for LP and MIP problems.  Click one of the links below to learn more about the 60+ user-controlled options offered by the XPRESS Solver Engine.

General Options - Solution Method

The XPRESS Solver Options dialog General tab allows you to select the algorithm or solution method -- primal Simplex, dual Simplex, or Newton Barrier -- and to optionally invoke a presolve step which often simplifies the problem.

The Scaling group of options allows you to select from a variety of scaling methods to improve numerical accuracy.  You can also set a maximum solution time in seconds, and adjust the most common tolerances for the Simplex method from this tab.

XPRESS Solver Options General tab (43961 bytes)

XPRESS Solver Options
dialog General tab


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