Risk Solver Pro

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Risk Solver is the easiest, fastest, and most powerful tool you can buy for fitting distributions to your data in Excel. Here’s why:

Risk Solver Pro Brings You:

Automatic Fitting of Nearly 30 Continuous and Discrete Distributions to Your Data in Excel

  • You can select any of nearly 30 available distributions to see how its fitted parameters, analytic moments, and Goodness-of-Fit statistic match your case.
  • For continuous data, you can choose to rank the distributions by the Chi Square, Kolmogorov-Smirnoff, or the Anderson-Darling Goodness-Of-Fit statistic. For discrete data, the Chi Square Goodness-of-Fit statistic can be applied.
  • Automatic shifting of the distribution center and optimization of distribution parameters ensures maximum accuracy when fitting distributions to your data.

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Use New DIST Capability

  • In addition to Fit capabilities you can use the new DIST feature. Select your data, choose DIST and place it on your worksheet.
  • Now you can have Risk Solver Pro use your exact data for simulations and you can share the single cell DIST without having to share or include the underlying data in your model.

Full Compatibility With Excel 2013, 2010 and Excel 2007

  • Easy to learn as both you and your management are familiar with Excel
  • Takes full advantage of the ribbon-based interface of Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010
  • Takes full advantage of the new 64-bit version of Excel 2010
  • Takes full advantage of all available multi-core processors

Stunning Graphics to Share Results and Sell-In Recommendations

  • Risk Solver creates high-quality charts and graphs that can be copied into any Windows application, such as PowerPoint.

Also Performs Lightning Fast Monte Carlo Simulation With Industrial Strength  Features Such As:

  • 40 probability distributions.
  • 20 statistics and risk measures, including SemiVariance, Value at Risk, and Conditional VaR.
  • Automatic fitting of continuous and discrete distributions to simulation results.
  • 4 high-quality random-number generators and multiple random number streams.
  • Sampling via standard Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube, and Sobol (randomized QMC) methods.

Risk Solver Pro is so quick and interactive that you can
simply hover the mouse over a cell to see a distribution instantly.

Instant Interactive Simulation for Deeper Insight

  • Changing a number yields almost-instant new results, charts and graphs as your simulation is re-run.
  • Interactive Simulation is made possible by PSI Technology’s incredible speed.

Powerful Simulation Optimization Capabilities for Better Decisions

  • New with Version 11! We’ve added our powerful Evolutionary Engine so you can do simulation optimization.
  • Move beyond getting insight into the range of potential outcomes with simulation, to making better decisions taking into account that uncertainty with simulation optimization.

A Gateway to Even More Powerful Analysis

  • Risk Solver Pro is upgradeable to Risk Solver Platform, to solve larger and more complex problems in less time.
  • In Risk Solver Platform, optimization problems with uncertainty can be solved at breakthrough speeds, sometimes hundreds of times faster than competitive products.

Proven With Thousands of Users Over Many Years.

  • Nearly 5,000 companies, many of them Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 firms, are Frontline Systems’ customers.
  • Frontline Systems’ software is the overwhelming favorite tool in its field for teaching MBA students in thousands of universities throughout the world.
  • For more than 15 years, Frontline Systems has been a leading software vendor among members of INFORMS, IFOR, the OR Society, and other professional groups.

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